A Semitan tram line in Nantes. - S. Salom-Gomis / Sipa

There were relatively few travelers on Nantes public transport on Monday morning. The services of Semitan are however ramped up to address this week of deconfinement. What you must remember.

"Yellow day" type frequency

Since this Monday, the frequency of the Tan network goes into yellow day, that is to say approximately 75% of the normal traffic of a "blue day". "A real challenge when during the confinement period, 30% of the supply was guaranteed," says the company. Trams and buses run until 10:30 p.m. Navibus side, a passage is planned every 20 minutes. The transition to "green day" is scheduled for June 2.

Less frequentation

Despite the traffic forecasts, respecting the physical distance required by the state will not accommodate everyone, far from it. Only 20% of attendance on a blue day is expected. During confinement, the average attendance was only 8%.

Mandatory mask on board

You have to get used to it: wearing a mask is essential to get into the trains. Checks will be carried out regularly. On the platform or inside, the distance of one meter between each traveler is also requested. Seats were condemned with a small sign. Marking on the ground also helps to keep the gap.

Bus specifics

On buses, to avoid contact with the driver, the sale of tickets is not authorized. You must therefore already have your ticket purchased or downloaded. As for ascents and descents, they are now carried out through the front and rear doors.

Reinforced cleaning

The cleaning of the trains and stations has been reinforced for several weeks. A complete cleaning of each vehicle is carried out every evening. Walls to isolate the bus driver are gradually installed.


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