The Big Elephant of the Machines of the Island, in Nantes. - G. Michel / Sipa

It is one of the tourist and cultural emblems of the city of Nantes. Arrested since March 17 because of coronavirus and confinement, the Big Elephant of the Machines of the island will resume its strolls around the Naves of the island of Nantes from Saturday, announces the director of Machines. He will be the only one to wander around, with no public on board. The Machine Gallery and the Carrousel of the Marine Worlds will remain closed for several more weeks.

"After an in-depth analysis of the distancing protocols resulting from the health emergency, we decided that it wasit is impossible to exploit the Big Elephant, the Galerie des Machines and the Carrousel des Mondes Marins with distancing measures ”, he explains with regret.

Probably not before August

Nantes residents and tourists will probably have to be patient. Because the direction of the Machines does not envisage the complete reopening of its activities before August 1, even August 8, date of the kick-off of the Voyage to Nantes.

The Machine Shop will open on Saturday with distancing measures and a defined maximum gauge. The Café de la Branche will sell take-out drinks. Both will be open for the Ascension and Pentecost bridges.


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