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France thanked everyone very much for fighting Corona19.

<Oh! Click> The first search term is 'Thank you to the Eiffel Tower'.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France on the evening of 10th local time.

A large screen is installed.

The faces of medical staff and volunteers struggling with Corona 19 come to mind one by one.
In addition, I was able to see pictures of grocery store employees, environmental beautification workers, and field officials who kept their jobs at risk despite the national blockade.

Along with their faces, a sentence such as 'I was glad you were there' was also brought up to pay tribute to everyone fighting Corona19.

France has been implementing strict closure measures since March 17th.

Starting today, we plan to gradually lift travel restrictions and allow some stores to open except restaurants, taverns and cafes.

The netizens responded, such as "Thank you for the beautiful medical staff than the Eiffel Tower ^^" "The faces will remain in history. Please give me a little more strength"