When Zlatan Ibrahimovic trades, the whole of Sweden stops staring. When Zlatan sneezes, it feels like the whole of Sweden stops shouting, “Cheers!”.

When Zlatan drives a car, so can the boys, then in Sweden only the heads turn.

Zlatan honored the ancient streets of Stockholm not only with his presence but also with his outing. Below was a razor rarity: Ferrari Monza SP2.

The car model is really rare, as Zlatan’s own is one of only 500 units sold only to Ferrari’s most exclusive customers. Zlatan bought the car for himself as a birthday present last year when he turned 38.

The Swedish media, led by Express and Aftonbladet, reported, as usual, comprehensively on the actions of the attacking star of AC Milan.

Zlatan howled at the V12-Ferraria on Saturday at four o'clock in the afternoon on the corners of Norrlandsgatan, Stockholm's busiest postcode areas. Expressen reports that, combined, Zlatan and the ani-rare Ferrari made the people stare - twice. After all, two stars were visible in one fell swoop: Zlatan and Zlatan's car.

The Ferrari factory reopened on May 4, and the new Monza SP2 was among the first new completed outgoing games.

Image: AFP / Magazine image

- We can only thank Zlatan Ibrahimovic for driving a car like this on the streets of Stockholm. It is a super unique car whose delivery to customers has only just begun. It's hell rare, Marcus Engtröm, editor-in-chief of the Swedish Technology World, tells Expressen.

- No one can buy that car. You must be a regular Ferrari customer. There is no list price for the car. Ferrari must also accept any resale.

According to the car-focused Motor1.com website, that car model costs about $ 1.75 million (about $ 1.6 million).

The SP2’s V12 engine tries to contain 810 raging horsepower. You can get from zero to one hundred in less than three seconds if you want, but such a show in the center of Stockholm would even bring a price reminder from Kissala’s boys to a national hero like Zlatan.

Ferrari Monza SP2 at the Paris Motor Show 2018.

Photo: Kimmo Taskinen

The enthusiasm of car enthusiasts is understandable, as the Monza SP2 and its sister model SP1 are not only very rare in number but also in style.

While Monza is a fast paced game, it’s not just for the wild. Retro-spirited cars have no windshield, roof or side mirrors at all. The design is spectacular. Alrik Söderlind, editor-in-chief of Auto, Motor & Sport, interviewed by Aftonbladet, says that driving a car without a windscreen is an experience of its own.

- It's completely insane! I have been driving less expensive sports cars, where there is no windshield. It makes the feeling of momentum greater. All the senses experience differently. The experience is intense. But if you drive a little harder, then you have to have a helmet on. No one wants a wasp in their mouth when driving at 100 km / h, Söderlind reminds.

Ibrahimovic, who turned 38 last October, only had time to return to his old club in AC Milan in January before the coronavirus pandemic stopped the season. The striker scored three goals in eight matches. During the spring, he has maintained his fitness at Hammarby exercises.