There has been speculation for the extension of the Premier League term for weeks. Over the weekend, follow-up dreams came under a new collision when a league coron in Brighton was diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection in addition to the two previously confirmed.

Several British media outlets spoke on Sunday. Brighton has not named any infected.

According to the club, the last infected player withdrew to a home quarantine for two weeks immediately after the test result.

Brighton players have recently done their independent practice at the club’s training center and strived to comply with the safety regulations issued.

- This is a cause for concern. Despite the safety distances, once again the player has got the virus, the club’s CEO Paul Barber said, according to Sky Sports.

New meeting

The Premier League is scheduled to hold a meeting on Monday to discuss opportunities to play until the end of the season. The current season was suspended on March 13th.

One possibility has been speculated that all 92 remaining matches of the season would be played in just a few stadiums.

Of the Premier League clubs so far, Brighton, Aston Villa and Watford have opposed playing in the so-called in neutral fields.

Players ’contract issues will also be discussed on Monday. The current contracts of many league players with their clubs expire at the end of June.

The season would continue after the restart to July-August.