The UAE has recorded a remarkable increase in the numbers of cure cases of the emerging Corona virus "Covid 19" since the beginning of the month of May, after the healing cases jumped from 2543 cases in the first of May to reach 4804 cases in the tenth of the same month, bringing the rate of increase in the cure cases about 90 percent.

The UAE recorded the highest number of recovery cases on May 9 and 10 this year, with 458 and 509 cases respectively, while the average daily recovery cases maintained an upward level, which contributed to recording recovery rates in excess of 25 percent of the total injured cases in the country.

And it highlights 4 main factors that contributed to the enhancement of the health care process provided to the affected cases, which were the adoption of innovative treatments, the strengthening of the absorptive capacity of the health sector, the expansion of examinations, in addition to the availability of highly qualified medical personnel, and the availability of medical and preventive supplies.

Innovative treatments.

And the application of modern and innovative therapeutic methods in dealing with people with the Corona virus is one of the most prominent reasons that contributed to the high number of people recovering from the virus in the UAE in light of the availability of different types of antivirals that are widely tested and monitored for their effectiveness in speeding up the recovery process and reducing complications of the disease .

In the same context, the UAE is one of the first countries in the world to start using plasma therapy for critical cases infected with "Covid 19" where the plasma taken from a person who has recovered from the Corona virus is given to a person with the virus who suffers from moderate to severe symptoms and these cells contain immune bodies Being the body after inflammation and usually formed between 14 and 21 days after recovery .. With the announcement of the use of stem cells, which are among the supportive treatments that help raise the body's resistance.

The UAE applies the latest prevention and treatment protocols in dealing with the "Covid 19" virus, according to the latest scientific research and international medical developments.

Expanded scope of checks.

And since the beginning of the crisis of the spread of Corona Virus "Covid 19", the UAE has adopted a strategy to expand the scope of tests to include the largest possible number of members of society, with the aim of early detection, isolation and provision of the best health care.

The UAE has achieved record numbers and set it at the forefront of the world in terms of the number of examinations relative to the number of population, so today it is close to reaching 1.5 million examinations conducted by a large group of hospitals and specialized health centers in addition to 14 examination centers of the vehicle.

Efforts to expand the testing of "Covid 19" virus in the UAE have received a strong boost, with the launch of the largest modern laboratory in the world outside China to examine and diagnose the emergence of coronavirus in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Enhance absorptive capacities.

And since the first day of the crisis, the UAE has rushed to allocate a number of hospitals and medical centers to deal with cases of people infected with the Corona virus, after ensuring that it is fully prepared in terms of medical personnel, equipment and supplies necessary for this task.

The UAE has established a large number of field hospitals with the aim of allocating additional medical facilities equipped and equipped to deal with the increasing cases of HIV infection, which supports the health sector capabilities, increases its absorptive capacity, and its readiness to face the current challenges.

The Emirate of Dubai witnessed the opening of the field hospital in the Dubai World Trade Center, which can accommodate more than 3000 beds, 800 of which are for intensive care, while the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “SEHA” announced the supply of three first field hospitals in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, in Abu Dhabi has a capacity of 1200 patients and the second in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center «ADNEC», which has a capacity of 1000 patients, and the third in «Dubai Parks and Resorts» and accommodates 1200 patients.

Cadres and supplies.

Since the beginning of the crisis of the Corona epidemic, the health sector in the UAE has demonstrated its readiness and development, its ability to face emergencies and crises, and its full readiness in terms of the availability of human cadres, all medical equipment and equipment, and the strategic stock of the drug, without suffering from a shortage in one of these main pillars to address For the epidemic.

There is no doubt that the increase in the number of cases of recovery from the corona epidemic in the Emirates would not have been achieved without the great effort made by all medical personnel who, through their work in this crisis, presented a pioneering model in human giving, sacrifice and redemption in order to safeguard the safety and health of members of society.

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