The number of Internet users in China reached 904 million, and the number of mobile phone Internet users reached 897 million. At the age of 50, the number of Internet users exceeds 150 million, and the Internet is also penetrating into the middle-aged and elderly people at the same time-

  What to do if there are too many eye problems

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  June 6, 2020 is the 25th national eye-loving day. China is one of the countries with the largest number of blind and visually impaired in the world. In 1999, the World Health Organization and the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness and others proposed the "Vision 2020, enjoy the right to see", a global action initiative aimed at eliminating avoidable blindness.

  "I originally wanted to kill sweet corn at a low price in the community spike group. As a result, I can see clearly that the spike activity has ended."

  "The mobile phone has been set to the largest font, but wearing reading glasses still can't see the news above."

  "I have a video call with Sunzi. Every time I click, I always click the voice call ..." Speaking of these, old Li's eyes were a bit dark, and his eyes were even darker.

  Old people like Lao who are unable to enjoy life in the era of small screens because of eye problems are everywhere, and even have depression due to eye diseases.

  The 45th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China shows that as of March 2020, the number of Internet users in China reached 904 million, and the number of mobile phone Internet users reached 897 million. Internet users account for 16.9% of the 50-year-old and Internet users, and the number exceeds 150 million. The Internet is continuing to penetrate the middle-aged and elderly population.

The incidence of cataract in people aged 60 to 89 is about 80%

  Today, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, the elderly formally started the era of small screens. In addition, this year's epidemic has swept the world and the homes are resistant to epidemics. The use of small screen mobile terminals has doubled.

  What should I do for the elderly who want to have a quality life in the small screen era?

  Researchers at University College London in the United Kingdom have surveyed more than 10,000 middle-aged men and women aged 40 to 74, many of whom have vision problems such as cataracts or glaucoma. It was found that 12% of the respondents with minor vision problems thought they were in poor health, and another 14% even had to consult a psychiatrist for mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

  The World Health Organization report states that cataract is the world's first blinding eye disease. According to statistics from the Ophthalmology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the incidence of cataract in people aged 60 to 89 in China is about 80%, and the incidence of cataract in people over 90 is as high as 90%. According to the 80% incidence rate estimate, the number of cataract patients in China has reached 200 million.

  Cataract mainly refers to ocular diseases caused by aging, heredity, local nutritional disorders, immune and metabolic abnormalities, trauma, poisoning, radiation and other causes of lens metabolism disorder, resulting in degeneration of lens protein. Patients with cataract are often accompanied by symptoms such as blurred vision, ghosting, photophobia, glare, dark shadows in front of the eyes, and deepening of myopia. If they do not undergo surgical treatment, they may eventually cause blindness, which will seriously affect normal working life.

  Liu Zhen, director of the Cataract Department of Chongqing Air Eye General Hospital, pointed out: "Although cataract is the world's first blinding eye disease, it is not so terrible, because as long as the patient undergoes surgical treatment, vision can be restored, and cataract blindness is reversible. "

Teenagers overuse their eyes and are susceptible to "dry eye syndrome"

  During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, working at home and surfing the Internet became the norm. Whether it is an adult or a child, the main learning and entertainment have become the use of computers, mobile phones, and television. In case of dry eyes.

  More and more patients are going to see a doctor because of "dry eye syndrome". In addition to the dry weather in spring, there are more patients with dry eye syndrome. So what is "dry eye syndrome"? What should I do with "dry eye syndrome"?

  Dry eye disease is abbreviated as "dry eye", also known as xeroconjunctival conjunctiva or xerophthalmia, which refers to abnormalities in the quality or quantity of tear fluid or abnormal kinetics caused by a variety of causes, resulting in a decrease in tear film stability and causing dry and painful eyes , Photophobia, tears in the wind and other common symptoms of modern eye diseases are common.

  According to the consensus of experts in clinical diagnosis and treatment of dry eye, people who work in air-conditioned rooms and face computers and mobile phones all day are vulnerable to dry eye.

  Xiao Gang, who is 10 years old this year, stayed at home on the Internet for a long time during the epidemic, stared at the computer for a long time during the day, and often watched TV, played games, and sometimes stayed up late to read. Recently, my mother discovered that her son started blinking frequently, there were always secretions in the eyes, and rubbed his eyes from time to time. "When he used to blink frequently, the eye drops can be relieved, but the situation during the online class has been more serious recently." Xiaogang's mother was very worried. After a series of eye examinations, Xiaogang was diagnosed with mixed dry eye (water and oil deficiency).

  Patients with dry eye are mainly adults, but nowadays with the extensive use of electronic products, more and more young people and even children and adolescents usually do not pay attention to eye hygiene, resulting in too low blink frequency and rapid evaporation of tears, so the eyes will appear dry In the case of children and adolescents in growth and development period, they are more prone to dry eye syndrome.

High incidence of "dry eye syndrome" in the workplace

  Ms. Liu is 28 years old and works in a large state-owned enterprise. You ca n’t work without a computer during the day. At night, she often hangs online to read novels, movies, and dramas. Recently, she often feels dry and sore eyes, sometimes with a sense of blur. The doctor said she also suffered from dry eye, chronic conjunctivitis and video terminal syndrome.

  Ms. Liu said, "I usually find that my eyes are always dry, and eye drops can only temporarily relieve dryness, but I did not expect the problem to be so serious."

  Experts pointed out that the phenomenon of dry eyes is becoming more and more common. If dry eyes are not relieved for a long time, you must be alert to dry eyes. Among the many patients in the Air Eye Dry Eye Clinic, many patients said that they missed the good treatment expectation, "the treatment was late" and "not previously understood", especially the lack of meibomian glands (secreting tear film oil) is irreversible damage.

  If the ophthalmia is left unattended for a long time, leading to aggravation of the condition, it may cause corneal conjunctival lesions. In severe cases, the eye surface, especially corneal tissues, may be dry, melted, perforated or even blind.

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