China News Service, May 9th, according to foreign media reports, on the 11th local time, many places in Spain will enter the second phase of "unblocking", allowing bars and restaurants to reopen. However, on the 8th, the Spanish government announced that Madrid and Barcelona will temporarily not enter the next stage of "unblocking" with other cities.

Starting from May 4, local time, most parts of Spain have entered the stage of preparations for a phased downgrade ban, and some small shops have reopened.

  On the 8th, Fernando Simon, director of the Health Warning and Emergency Coordination Center of the Spanish Ministry of Health, said that Madrid and Barcelona currently do not meet the "unblocking" standard. According to reports, confirmed cases of new crowns in the region of Madrid and Catalonia, where Barcelona is located, account for nearly half of the cumulative cases in Spain.

  Simon said that including the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, 51% of the country's population will shift to the next stage of "unblocking".

  At the same time, Spanish Minister of Health Salvador Illa said: "I insist that this is not a competition and that decisions must be based on cooperation and prudence."

  As of now, Spain has more than 220,000 confirmed cases of new crowns, with a total of more than 26,000 deaths. Since mid-April, the epidemic situation has eased. At the end of April, Prime Minister Sanchez announced that he would gradually relax restrictions on all aspects of social life in four stages. It is expected that the country will be able to return to a more normal state by the end of June at the earliest.