On Friday at 7 pm, the Oulu police received a notification from the Emergency Response Center about a man presenting a knife to the children present in the yard of Koskela School.

According to a police release, the first police patrol to arrive at the scene met the man from the school yard. The man dropped the blade in his hand at the behest of the police. The patrol caught the man.

An investigation into the incident revealed that several children moving around had heard the man pose threats against them. At this point, it is still unclear why the man had threatened the children. According to preliminary information, the man had not tried to harm anyone with the knife in his possession.

The threatener was arrested at the police station. The police are initially investigating the matter under criminal titles as an illegal threat and possession of another object suitable for harm.

The author, a 35-year-old man from Oulu, is already familiar to the police.