Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi asserted that his country would not be an arena for settling accounts. He announced the formation of a fact-finding committee in the events that accompanied the demonstrations and the release of all detainees. He also announced the formation of a committee for strategic discussions with the United States, and said that his government approved domestic and external borrowing to bridge the deficit. Budget.

According to a government statement, Al-Kazimi met on Saturday for the first time with the ambassadors of Washington and Tehran in Baghdad, where he assured the American ambassador Matthew Toler the necessity of cooperation and coordination between the two countries in the economic and security fields and confronting terrorism, preparing for strategic dialogue between the two countries, and working to maintain security and stability in the region and keep it away from risks. , Pointing out that Iraq will not be an arena for the liquidation of accounts and attacks on any neighboring or friendly country.

A committee for strategic discussions
In a speech after his meeting with the American ambassador, Al-Kazemi confirmed that a committee had been formed with regard to strategic talks with the United States to ensure the sovereignty and unity of Iraq.

For his part, the American ambassador affirmed his country's readiness to support Iraq in all fields, especially the economic field and confront the Corona pandemic.

Al-Kazemi said during his meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Erj Masjidi, that Iraq will not be a passage or a headquarters for terrorism or a springboard for attacking any country or square to settle scores, adding that Iraq is keen on establishing the best relations with Iran and all neighboring countries to serve the interests of the two neighboring peoples and security stability in Region.   

The Iraqi government decides  at its first meeting to cancel the decision of the previous government on stopping funding (Al-Jazeera)

For his part, the Iranian ambassador expressed his country's aspiration to develop bilateral relations and enhance cooperation between the two countries in all fields, and congratulated Al-Kazemi on the occasion of his government gaining confidence in the parliament. 

The new Iraqi government had decided at its first meeting, headed by Al-Kazemi, to cancel the previous government’s decision to suspend financing, to approve the draft domestic and foreign borrowing law to finance the fiscal deficit for the current year, and to refer it to the House of Representatives for approval.

Election Law
The government asked the House of Representatives to complete voting on the new election law and send it to the presidency, to enter into force after it was published in the Official Gazette. It also decided to amend the Law on Parties to regulate the legal status of its work on national grounds.

It also discussed in its first meeting early elections, and said that one of its priorities is to secure safe and sound conditions for the conduct of fair and fair elections, without details. Al-Kazemi said that a committee of experts had been formed to help the Electoral Commission to achieve early and fair parliamentary elections.  

In his statement, the Cabinet stressed the amendment of the Parties Law to lead to the regulation of the legal status of parties ’work on democratic national foundations that guarantee political pluralism and democratic transformation.

The Iraqi parliament approved the Law on Parties in 2015, but there are claims that some may cause controversy with amendments to it, including women's representation in parties, youth participation, the issue of financing and promoting extremist ideas, and limiting the association of some parties abroad.