Since July 1 last year, health centers and other health care businesses have to pay 25 percent VAT when they hire staff through staffing companies. This is due to a new application of EU practice that the Supreme Administrative Court has ruled.

Affected private care providers

This hit extra hard against private healthcare providers, as the region-run businesses can offset VAT on purchases through a special law.

At the beginning of the year, the government allocated SEK 210 million to compensate the regions for the private activities with which they have agreements.

The Sörmland region has requested just over six million from the government pot and on Monday the regional board is expected to decide how the money should be distributed.

Distributed by size

It concerns 11 private health centers and 12 other private businesses, such as psychotherapists, who are allowed to share the money. The health centers receive money based on the number of patients listed, and other receipts based on their staffing and the size of the agreement with the region.

List: Here goes the money

Health center:

Stadsfjärden Nyköping SEK 860 550

Blacksmith Eskilstuna 628 900 kr

Our Medical Center Katrineholm SEK 492 500

Achima Care Eskilstuna 485 800 kr

Vineyards 395 800 kr

Unicare Strängnäs 354 600 SEK

Center Flen 245 300 kr

Your Medical Center Nyköping 95 650 SEK

Achima Care Fristaden 37 4300 kr

Seed lake Gnesta 68 350 SEK

Get 61 500 kr

Total 4.06 million

Other activities:

Specialist center Scandinavia 692 450 kr

Orthopedic Services SEK 377,203

Women's Health Eskilstuna SEK 278,744

Women's Health Stadsfjärden SEK 203,304

Children's and adolescent medicine SEK 96,806

Urology 95 595 kr

Psychotherapy Eskilstuna SEK 50,000

Psychotherapy Nyköping SEK 50,000

Psychotherapy Nyköping SEK 50,000

Functional music therapy SEK 30,000

Kiro / Napra Back & Joint Clinic SEK 30,000

Kiro / Napra Chiropractor Health SEK 30,000

Total 1.98 million