China News Service, May 9 (Xinhua Times) reported that as Greece resumed production and resumed production, the gap in epidemic prevention materials increased, and the Athens municipal government sought materials such as protective masks. After receiving the news, the Greek Fujian Chinese Overseas Chinese Fujian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the "Fujian Association") actively took action to raise masks and relieve the pressure of the municipal government.

  At noon on May 6, Chen Xianfu, Yang Xiaoqin, and Zheng Huahui, members of the chairman of the Fujian Association, donated 5,000 medical masks to the Athens Municipal Government. The staff of the municipal government who received the materials expressed sincere gratitude to the Fujian Association for its loving action.

  It is reported that in order to support the epidemic prevention work in Greece, in early April, Fujian will raise funds to buy a batch of masks from China and donate to local departments in need. Chairman Chen Feng said that it is the responsibility of the Fujian Association to do something practical for the Greek society. (Wu Yumeng Jin Guo)