• One million new poor in Italy as a result of the coronavirus crisis, Coldiretti estimates
  • Confcommercio: in Milan -40% business from closed shops


May 09, 2020 "The underworld has come to control five thousand catering establishments with the agri-food sector which has become one of the priority investment areas of the underworld. A strategic sector that allows to infiltrate civil society in a capillary way and to condition the daily life of people ".
Coldiretti denounces it on the basis of the Agromafie report in reference to the report of the Monitoring Body of criminal infiltrations on the Covid emergency - 19 according to which "the economic difficulties of the tourism and catering sector represent the most privileged moments for reinvesting money".

The strategic agricultural sector
"Organized crime and the mafia - Coldiretti underlines - taking advantage of the economic crisis, penetrate massively and extensively into the legal economy by blackmailing with usury or acquiring the premises in Italy and abroad directly or indirectly. The operations of the Forces order unveil the interests of criminal organizations in the food industry and specifically in food in its various forms, from franchising to exclusive clubs, taverns and bars to upscale restaurants and trendy aperibar up to pizzerias.
in this way the underworld appropriates - underlines Coldiretti - vast sectors of the agri-food sector and the profits that derive from it, destroying competition and the free legal market and suffocating honest entrepreneurship, but also seriously compromising the quality and safety of products, with the indirect effect of profoundly undermining the image of Italian products and the value of the Made in It brand aly ".

La Coldiretti estimates that "from agriculture to livestock, from food distribution to catering, the total annual turnover of crime in the national agri-food sector has risen to 24.5 billion euros". "The excellent results of the law enforcement activities confirm the need to keep the guard high and to tighten the still wide links of the legislation with the reform of the crimes in the agri-food sector" affirms the President of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini in underlining that "the technological innovation and the new global production and distribution systems make food fraud even more dangerous and for this reason they must be pursued with a more adequate punitive system with the approval of the proposals to reform food crimes presented by Giancarlo Caselli, president of the scientific committee of the Agromafie Observatory "