China News Service, May 9 (Xinhua Times) reported that at 18:00 local time on May 8th, the Greek Ministry of Health announced that 13 new cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed on the same day. At present, Greece has diagnosed 2691 cases and 150 deaths. .

  According to the "Daily Daily" report, in view of the gradual alleviation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the Greek government is considering increasing the number of domestic flights in Greece while resuming the return traffic between urban and rural areas and between provinces on May 18.

  In an interview with SKAI TV on May 7th, Minister of Transport Karamanris also mentioned May 18, an important date for the gradual restoration of traffic within Greece. In an interview, he also suggested May 25 as an alternative candidate date, because although the government is optimistic about the recovery of society, it also needs to consider the possibility of the spread of the virus itself. This reflects the government's cautious sentiment about traffic recovery.

  The same sentiment is also reflected in discussions about the reopening hours of bars and restaurants. The government's stated goal is to allow restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. to resume operations on June 1. But the premise is that these business premises must do a good job of sanitation, and at the same time there are strict regulations on the number and distance of personnel in the premises. If the epidemic develops in a good direction, the possibility that these sites will be able to open in advance on May 25 will not be ruled out.

  In addition, the government is also considering allowing intercity trains to resume operation from May 18.

  In March, the epidemic broke out in Europe on a large scale and spread to Greece. The Greek government announced the implementation of an injunction, and the number of flights to and from Greece was greatly reduced.

  The European Union recently announced that in order to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, it will extend the travel ban to Europe until May 15. The Greek government also announced that it will extend the ban on entry and exit of aviation and personnel.

  The Greek Civil Aviation Authority said it will continue to suspend flights to and from Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Germany until May 15. Cargo flights carrying medical and humanitarian supplies and flights performing emergency evacuation missions will not be subject to this restriction. As a special case, German flights to and from Athens Airport are not temporarily suspended.

  Earlier media reports said that after entering April, most flights at Athens Airport have been cancelled, and passenger traffic at the airport has plummeted by more than 90%. The epidemic situation and the restrictions on the operation of the airport are devastating, even during the economic crisis Scenes.

  It is also reported that in order to better help Greece fight the epidemic, as of May 7, a total of 865 institutions, organizations, countries and individuals donated 89.1 million euros worth of materials to the Greek national health system.

  On May 7, Greek Health Minister Kikilias delivered a speech at a large warehouse in Athens where medical materials for epidemic prevention are stored. He thanked countries, institutions, enterprises and individuals who donated anti-epidemic materials to Greece, including China.

  The donated materials include 1,228 medical monitors, 595 ICU beds, 1051 standard ventilators, 177 stretchers, 172 portable ventilators, more than 20 million masks and 330,000 pieces of protective clothing. (Cai Ling)