China News Service, May 8 (Xinhuanet) reported that on the 7th local time, the US Senate failed to overturn US President Trump's veto on restricting his use of force against Iran. The US Congress previously passed a resolution restricting Trump's authority to implement military operations against Iran. On 6th, the resolution was vetoed by Trump, calling it "an insulting resolution."

On May 7, local time, some people took a walk on the lawn in front of Congress. Affected by the epidemic, Congress has stopped opening to tourists since mid-March, and has not yet announced the "reopening" time. China News Agency reporter Sha Hanting

  According to reports, at least 67 senators are required to vote to overturn Trump's veto, but actually only got 49 votes and 44 votes against it.

  Trump had previously stated that the measure was "based on misunderstandings of facts and laws", insisting that in January air strikes with US forces in Iraq killed the Iranian general Sulaymani, although pushing the United States and Iraq to the brink of military conflict, but in line with American law.

  Earlier, the Senate, which was dominated by Republicans, approved in February a resolution limiting Trump ’s use of force against Iran, while the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives voted in March. Analysts said that this sent a signal to the Trump administration that even Trump's party members did not agree with his approach to Iran.