It is known that the state of 20 residents who are hospitalized in the vicinity of the gas leak accident at LG Chem in India where 11 people have died is critical.

An official from the authorities in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, where the plant is located, said today, "the state of 22 people, including 10 children, is serious."

I am concerned that the number of deaths may increase.

At the LG Polymers India plant in the LG Chemical affiliate of Visakhapatnam, a styrene gas leak occurred yesterday morning, killing more than 11 people in the vicinity.

The number of inpatients once reached 1,000, but most of them are discharged, and there are about 300 people in the hospital.

Local police were hired by LG Polymers on charges of neglecting toxic substance management.

An official from the Federal Ministry of Environment says the factory license may be revoked if a National Emergency Response Agency (NDMA) investigation reveals violations of environmental regulations.

Reuters quoted an official and reported that toxic gas has leaked again from the plant early in the day.

However, LG Chem said that it was not a secondary leak, and that if the temperature in the tank rises, the police are asked to evacuate residents in case of an emergency.