In his career, Teemu Ramstedt, who won the SML playoff points exchange and saw KHL and a lion shirt, unexpectedly held hockey in the 2018–19 season.

He later said there was a family reason behind the decision. The first daughter of Ramstedt and her husband was born in January 2019, well ahead of time, in a section weighing only 1.7 pounds.

Now the child has reached the age of one and four months, and the father also returned to his bread work for the last season in the ranks of SaiPa and later also in Kiekko-Espoo.

- It's been fine. The family was involved in Lappeenranta, and everyday life has rolled just fine, Ramstedt, 32, says.

- The child is healthy in the big picture and is already walking fast. Growth is the only thing left for its peers, now the weight seems to be just over seven pounds. Otherwise, he will develop well. That has been a really great thing.

The puck star says she enjoyed paternity.

- Now that the child has grown a little bit, so I've got a lot to play with him. At this point, surely the role of the father is further emphasized when you get to bustle, and there is more than just holding on to your lap.

During the spring season, Ramstedt moved from SaiPasta on loan two series down to the Suomi series in Kiekko-Espoo. In the top team in the series, games eventually fell short due to a corona interruption.

However, Kiekko-Espoo, who was looking for a rise, was recently awarded a place in Mestis for next season.

Ramstedt, who lives in the metropolitan area, has plans still open.

- There is no agreement yet. In the same situation as probably quite a few other hockey players at the moment, that is, waiting for what happens.

- I've been working out quite normally. In the same way as before. Of course, this is not the first time for me that there is no agreement.

Ramstedt played 45 league matches at SaiPa last season at 4 + 27 = 31.

Photo: Mika Kanerva / Lehtikuva

Currently, the contract market is frozen due to the prevailing uncertainty. In his career in the SM League, the options of a central striker who has played more than 500 regular season matches for next season's series or country are still wide.

- I am actually quite open to everything. In this situation, it’s really hard to say. At least I don’t know that just anyone would make contracts now.

- Probably the deals that have just been released have been made earlier in the season.

The spring and summer work of Ramstedt, which runs the IBD Cycling club, was renewed when the Finnish Road Cycling Championships planned for Vantaa were postponed from June to the following year. Ramstedt was to serve as event director for the Games.

However, there has been enough support during the Korona period, as Ramstedt is a member of the board of the Hockey Players Association.

- During the spring, I have been very involved in many negotiation. First, I was in SaiPa's co-determination negotiations as a player and negotiator under an employment contract. In addition, I have been a player on behalf of the association involved in many a meeting.

- The league general and player agreement is currently being negotiated and we have had certain discussions with Mestis about next season. There has been quite a lot of work to be done in that field, Ramstedt says.