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  • Coronavirus, South Tyrol reopens: today shops, bars and hairdressers from Monday
  • Confindustria, Bonomi critic: "Disappointed by this phase two: resources do not arrive"


May 08, 2020 While the government "we are asking for decision-making autonomy since May 18 with respect to economic openings, we said that mobility between regions is a national issue, it must be decided by the government". So Stefano Bonaccini, president of Emilia-Romagna and the Conference of the Regions, hosted by Studio 24 at Rainews 24. And speaking of the decision taken by South Tyrol he says: "Being an autonomous region it can afford to legislate, so we will see what will happen" .

"Government accelerate and help SMEs"
Speaking of economic aid, Bonaccini stressed that "we must do right but also quick things", "the theme of re-starting in sustainability is fundamental starting from infrastructure, material and immaterial, I say that the government must accelerate, give a hand to large industry but also to the small and medium-sized enterprise which, if it does not have liquidity and access to credit, will be wiped out ".

"From the EU resources without conditionality"
"From Europe I really expect resources to be made available without conditionality" said Bonaccini. "We are having a rather surreal ideological debate in these weeks. If they give us resources without conditionality I would take them 'yesterday' not tomorrow because we need it, starting from health care".

"Since 18 the Regions decide autonomously"
Regarding regional choices, the president, who was also a guest at Radioanch'io Rai Radio 1 in the morning, said: "We asked that from 18 May - given that the government decree expires on 17 - Regions can decide independently always in contact with the government and the Ministry of Health, because we must verify the rebound of this epidemic ". Because with the rise of the infected people "we would risk closings of what we are about to reopen". But "as things are going better, I think it is right to allow the Regions a new phase". The appeal is to the government, he underlines, because "to date it is only the government decree that can allow the widening of productive activity openings", while the Regions could, if anything, "restrict". So much so, he comments, that local acts such as the order of the Northern League mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri, to reopen some commercial activities in advance, "has zero value" for the Prefecture. "We must try to put in line what can unite - added Bonaccini - Then it can happen that here and there someone makes leaks forward. To tell the truth so far those who have made leaks forward have always had to backtrack in this territory" .

"For tourism, the government should take measures soon"
Regarding tourism, the governor said that the region is "already allowing the operators of the bathing establishments to arrange the places where we want to welcome tourists when we can again. We are writing the guidelines with the trade associations for the spacing of umbrellas, any beach stewards "he explained. "We hope that the government's measure will arrive now, I have faith in Minister Franceschini" he said underlining, that it is "the only economic sector that does not export goods but imports people who are the ones who infect" and is "the sector among the most difficulties. But we must be ready when we can start again, in the way we can start again ".