What is happening to the overseas Chinese in all countries since the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic? China Overseas Chinese Network (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) specially launched a series of "Overseas Stays" series of manuscripts, telling the story of the "war epidemic" left by overseas Chinese. In this issue, Indonesia ’s expatriate teacher Wu Qiong tells us his left-behind story.

  I am a teacher of Friendship Primary School in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. I was sent to Indonesia in July 2019.

  The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia outbreak disrupted my original teaching and travel plans.

We have opened a new teaching mode

  From the week of March 21st, we started to teach online. At first, we mainly recorded some videos. Later, we used video conferencing to gradually improve teaching methods so that children can interact with teachers in the classroom.

  Every time I take a class, I have to emphasize the current protective measures to the children.

  Indonesia attaches great importance to hands-on operation. All things must be handled by the children themselves.

Data Map: Students start the online class time. (Chinanews)

  This week I set up hand-washing assignments. The children sent me the photos through the mailbox. I read them step by step and then responded in Chinese. The class teacher then helped the parents to translate them.

Fun facts about my dormitory

  After teaching, many interesting things happened in our male teacher's dormitory.

  A few teachers before saw the dormitory security blushing, his expression uncomfortable, and judged that he had a fever. It was not until the body temperature was measured for the security guard that "36.5 ° C" showed normal.

  On another occasion, two teachers in the dormitory had diarrhea and heard that New Coronary Pneumonia had symptoms of diarrhea. The two discussed for a long time and returned to the room with their frowns. The next day, their bodies returned to normal and their expressions relaxed.

  During the epidemic, everyone was nervous, but fortunately it was a false alarm.

Strengthen exercise against viruses

  My colleagues and I spend time every day exercising. Every morning and evening, I insisted on running, walking, and playing badminton. After one month, my weight dropped by 6kg.

  "Teacher Li, you are thin" "Brother, you are thin and you should rest." When I posted the video of the recorded teaching video in the WeChat circle of friends, friends all commented that he was thin.

Want to go outside

  From July 2019 to June 2020, it is my service period.

Comparison map of the Indonesian resort resort Bali before and after the outbreak. (Chinanews)

  Originally, May coincided with Eid al-Fitr in Indonesia. I have more than ten days of vacation. I want to go around in Indonesia. I heard that the scenery in Papua is very good. I have only been to Bali once.

  Today, although the epidemic has disrupted my plan, I still hope that after the epidemic, I will go outside and take a look at the scenery here to experience the local customs.

  Author: Wu Qiong