New Corona Eating and drinking inside the store fired by a careful customer Oklahoma, US May 8 13:51


The McDonald's fast food chain in the state of Oklahoma in the United States prohibits eating and drinking inside the store as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus. In such a situation, there was a case in which a clerk who was careful to stop the woman eating and drinking in the store was shot with a gun.

According to police, a woman was arrested on the night of the 6th, at a fast food chain "McDonald's" in Oklahoma City, southern Oklahoma, for clerk shooting a gun and injuring his arm.

In Oklahoma, we are working to ease restrictions on going out, but at the store where the incident occurred, we continued to prohibit eating and drinking inside the store, and police said that the suspect had eaten and drinked inside the store I was careful not to stop, but after the suspect left the store, he returned with a gun and fired.

A McDonald's spokeswoman commented, "The clerk was trying to protect public health. This is a vicious crime."

In the U.S., there have been a series of incidents involving measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and at a retail store in Midwestern Michigan, a security guard man was warned last week to shoot a mask on a customer, and his family shot him. There is an incident of death.