China News Agency, Beijing, May 8 (Reporter Ruan Yulin) The Ministry of Natural Resources of China released the "2019 China Marine Economic Statistics Bulletin" on the 8th, showing that in 2019, China's marine economy has achieved steady growth overall. According to preliminary calculations, the total value of national marine production in 2019 was 894.51 billion yuan, an increase of 6.2% over the previous year.

  The director of the National Oceanic Information Center, Any Guangshun, told reporters on the evening of the 8th that the scale of China's marine economy has continued to expand, and the country's total marine production in 2019 will exceed 8.9 trillion yuan, doubling in ten years. The role of the "engine" of the marine economy continues to be strong. The contribution rate of the marine economy to the growth of the national economy has reached 9.1%, driving the growth of the national economy by 0.6 percentage points. The share of marine GDP in GDP has remained at around 9% for the past 20 years. The share of GDP in coastal areas has risen steadily for three consecutive years, exceeding 17% in 2019.

  At the same time, China's marine economic structure has been continuously optimized, and the role of the "stabilizer" of the marine service industry has been further strengthened. In 2019, the added value of China's marine primary industry is 372.9 billion yuan, the secondary industry's added value is 319.7 billion yuan, and the tertiary industry's added value is 5.37 trillion yuan, accounting for 4.2%, 35.8%, and 60% of the total value of marine production.

  The communique shows that in 2019, China's major marine industries will maintain steady growth. Among them, marine fisheries have achieved restorative growth, and the structure for keeping fish has been continuously optimized. The marine power industry has developed steadily, and the scale of offshore wind power installations has gradually expanded.

  According to statistics, in 2019, the "Maritime Silk Road" trade continued to expand. The total volume of imports and exports by China and the countries along the Maritime Silk Road increased by 4.6% over the previous year, of which exports increased by 6.7% and imports increased by 1.6%. At the same time, the import and export trade of sea-related products is improving, and the total import and export trade of sea-related products under key monitoring is US $ 63.7 billion. (Finish)