China News Service, May 8 (Xinhua), according to the "European Times" compilation report, since the new coronary pneumonia epidemic raged around the world, Italy has become a severely affected area, and the Chinese community in Prato, Tuscany has achieved Zero infection ". Ansa Italy said that the local Chinese community has demonstrated a high sense of responsibility through action and won praise from all walks of life, which will also become a new starting point for good dialogue between the communities.

"Here, no Chinese are hospitalized or infected"

  In February 2020, hundreds of Chinese returned to Italy after the traditional Spring Festival in China, and Italy was seriously affected by the epidemic. The Chinese community immediately took various protective measures.

  Local Chinese put on masks, closed shops, isolated at home, and took the children back from school. Some people even placed returnees in special hotels to minimize contact with local residents and thus put themselves in a collective isolation.

  After nearly three months, the most densely populated Chinese community in Europe can finally breathe a sigh of relief and be proud of itself, because so far, none of the tens of thousands of Chinese living in Prato have contracted new coronary pneumonia.

  To this end, Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato, said: "Here, there is no Chinese hospitalization or infection, which is a great success."

  "Overall, Prato is lucky compared to Italy or other parts of Tuscany, where the number of infected persons and victims is lower than the Italian average," Matteo Biffoni added Road.

"Not because I am rich, but because I do not want the epidemic to spread further"

  Mia Lu, a 26-year-old student, emigrated from China to Italy at the end of 2016. She usually travels between Florence and Prato's aunt's house where she is studying.

  In the early days of the epidemic, Mia Lu's daily life became strange due to wearing masks. In Florence, when she went to the train station wearing a mask, she heard the whispers of the locals. She also explained to the printing staff at the university, "This is to protect you and me." Later, in order not to make herself more embarrassed, Mia Lu decided to put a scarf on the mask so that the mask could not be seen from the outside Too. "The only drawback is that it is difficult to breathe." Mia Lu said.

  In Prato, Mia Lu worked as a part-time teacher in a Chinese school. The staff in the school cafeteria used masks, hats and basic protective clothing early to protect themselves from the virus. Here, she feels safer. However, in February, after only one week of classes, the school closed.

  On March 4, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a series of measures, including school closures. Matteo Biffoni said: "The Chinese here immediately stopped all kinds of activities and they have also begun to isolate themselves."

  A member of the Association of European Young Entrepreneurs (Associazione dei giovani imprenditori cinesi in Europa) provides his hotel free of charge to overseas Chinese who have no conditions to isolate themselves. The member who did not want to be interviewed wrote on social media why he did this: "Not because I am rich, but because I do not want the epidemic to spread further."

  Renzo Berti, head of the disease prevention department in the Tuscany region, said: "Chinese entrepreneurs recommend some form of collective isolation, so we also consider renting some hotels for isolation." Berti said: " Subsequently, a similar plan was proposed in the Tuscany region, but the project could not be implemented because of concerns that it would become an isolation hospital. "

  A member of the Prato city said: “Although this idea was not adopted and implemented by the local government, it showed that the Chinese community had taken strict control measures and foreseen the danger of the epidemic.”

"Italians have realized the high sense of responsibility of the Chinese community"

  Matteo Biffoni said: "The Chinese community attached great importance to the prevention and control of the spread of the virus at the beginning of the outbreak. This is a lucky thing because it also affects the Italians."

  Claudio Bettazzi, the head of the Tuscany National Association of Italian Handicrafts and SMEs, said: "After seeing the reaction of the Chinese here, I am also very worried about the risk of the epidemic, but others who deal with me Italians think my reaction is a bit exaggerated. In addition to self-isolation, the Chinese community also provides free medical equipment to local citizens. They put their masks in envelopes and put them in the mailboxes of citizens. "

  He said, "When the epidemic raged in Italy, the Chinese community brought hundreds of thousands of masks, hand sanitizers and other protective materials, and related medical materials will continue to arrive in the future."

  Locals also believe that taking responsibility and maintaining communication will help everyone in hindsight, and insulting or accusing others will only make everything worse.

  Matteo Biffoni said: "Italians have realized the high sense of responsibility of the Chinese community."

  Francesco Marini, Vice President of the Northern Tuscany Federation of Industry, said: "Through this crisis, people have a better understanding and high appreciation of the local Chinese community, which will also Become a new starting point for a good dialogue between communities. "(Li Shuo)