China News Service, May 8 (Xinhua Times) reported that in mid-April, Ye Qingqun, president of the Qingtian Association of France, and Zhou Jinwei, chief executive chairman, sent masks and Chinese medicine to more than 20 old overseas Chinese who could not travel. The next day, they received a thank-you letter from the other party. The letter said: "Your actions deeply touch and warm the hearts of the old overseas Chinese."

  Since the outbreak of the overseas epidemic in March, there are many overseas Chinese leaders and overseas Chinese volunteers in various countries in Europe, such as Ye Xuqun, who are at risk of being infected. They received thank-you letters from all directions, and everyone was very grateful for their contributions to their compatriots and gave their praise for their selflessness.

  Many overseas Chinese leaders interviewed by our reporters said that the overseas Chinese group is the "backbone" of overseas Chinese compatriots, serving the overseas Chinese and not giving up every compatriot.

  In France, Ye Xuqun has been very busy since late January and initially supported China's fight against epidemics. After the overseas epidemic worsened in March, he devoted himself to the local epidemic. He and many overseas Chinese leaders in France established an anti-epidemic team in Paris, formed dozens of 500-person WeChat groups, connected doctors from his hometown to the group for "cloud consultation", and constantly released anti-epidemic related information in the group. Information and precautions, remind everyone to do a good job in isolation.

  France entered a blockade from March 17, and Ye Xuqun, along with many volunteers from overseas Chinese, rushed to the front line to coordinate the transportation, distribution and distribution of materials. Traditional Chinese medicine is given priority to diagnosed patients and suspected patients for help. Those who are close to them will drive to the door of the house in person, and those who are far away will be delivered by courier. The protective materials delivered greatly eased the panic of the overseas Chinese.

  "At the beginning of the period, we received a lot of calls and text messages every day. There was a family, the couple had 5 children, the youngest was only 1 and a half years old, the male owner had no fever for more than ten days, and the female host also had a fever. It's been three or four days. I don't know if it was transmitted to the children. I first contacted the doctor in the hometown of WeChat group to give them an online consultation, and then asked the volunteers to send them Chinese medicine and masks. After a few days, the hostess reported that They burned down and felt much better. "Ye Xuqun said, I feel very happy to help everyone.

  In Germany, the overseas Chinese leader Xia Kangmin and many overseas Chinese leaders initiated the establishment of a self-rescue work committee for overseas Chinese to serve overseas Chinese living in Germany. The committee established a secretary group, a financial group, a material supply group, a legal group, a medical expert group, and China. Contact groups, volunteer groups, etc., organize and coordinate the material assistance and distribution in all parts of China in an orderly manner to ensure that the care of the hometown is truly delivered to the troubled overseas Chinese.

  In Spain, Jin Hao, president of the Spanish Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce, has been busy fighting the epidemic in Barcelona. Jin Hao said that this is the most critical situation he has experienced in Spain for 23 years. Spain closed the country on March 14th. Most Chinese people stayed at home long before the closure, so there were not many infected people.

  Jin Hao and the president of the Qingtian Association of Barcelona, ​​Zhou Jianhong, coordinated the anti-epidemic work of the overseas Chinese in Canada. They set up 25 service stations in Barcelona to distribute the epidemic prevention materials donated by the hometown government.

  "There are many calls for help every day in the early stage, and there are some suspected infected people that we have indirectly learned, and they took the initiative to call to understand the situation. If you can help, you will not miss it." Jin Hao said, he also received Spanish local governments, police stations, hospitals and other institutions called for help, and the overseas Chinese community donated anti-epidemic materials as soon as possible.

  Jin Hao said that after more than a month of closure and assistance from all walks of life, the infected overseas Chinese in Spain have basically been cured. In the past two or three weeks, there have been fewer and fewer calls for help, indicating that the number of newly infected people has also decreased significantly. He was very pleased.

  In May, in order to restart the economy, many European countries gradually introduced measures to lift the ban. Next, Jin Hao and the overseas Chinese of all European countries will gradually enter the stage of resumption of work.

  "After the resumption of work, it is expected that the overseas Chinese will have many new problems, and the work of serving overseas Chinese cannot be relaxed." Jin Hao said, the Air China flight from Madrid to Beijing began to resume on May 9, and some overseas Chinese intend to send the elderly and children back to China , He stayed and prepared to resume work, after all, life has to continue. (Wan Shuyan)