The seafront and La Baule beach, during confinement. - S. Salom-Gomis / AFP

  • The reopening of the beaches is possible as an exception.
  • Some zoos and leisure parks can find the public.
  • The large Atlantis and Atoll shopping centers are still awaiting a possible green light.

The prefect of Pays-de-la-Loire, Claude d'Harcourt, held this Friday afternoon a press conference to clarify the latest modalities of deconfinement in this region now relatively untouched by coronavirus (all departments are classified green) . Besides schools and transport, what activities can resume? Under what conditions? Several announcements have been made, although unknowns remain.

Green light under conditions at the beaches

It was probably the most anticipated announcement. And it should delight a large number of residents and elected officials. As in Brittany, the prefect declared himself in favor of the reopening of beaches, lakes and bodies of water. By way of derogation. “The principle remains the prohibition. However, derogations will be possible at the request of elected officials. In Loire-Atlantique, four municipalities have already filed for reopening: Saint-Nazaire, La Baule, Pornichet and Saint-Brévin-les-pins. In Vendée, Les Sables d'Olonne did the same. "We are examining these requests," said the prefect. We are in the process of defining the measures that must be respected so that these reopenings are done without health risk. We already know that it will be possible to walk the beach but not to "stay static" or "bask". As for the reopening date, "we will respond as soon as possible," says Claude d'Harcourt. So it's not sure that the first beaches will be re-accessible from May 11.

Yes to the banks, paths and nautical activities

Forbidden access since the end of March, the coastal paths and waterfront esplanades can once again be taken from Tuesday, just like the banks of the Loire and rivers, announces the prefect. The mayors will however have the “responsibility for implementing decrees for the proper management of these places”. “On a narrow coastal path, there should not be a round trip. It's easier said than done, ”warns the prefect. As for nautical activities and boating, they will be re-authorized on Monday. It will be the same for public gardens (except play areas).

Yes measured at zoos and leisure parks

Leisure and animal parks are allowed to reopen from next week only if they are able to put in place suitable measures to protect the public. It will be necessary, for example, to ensure a social distancing and the fluidity of circulation. “The authorizations will be adapted according to the size and the situation. We will study this carefully, ”promises the prefect. Several sites have already received a prefectural green light, such as the Doué-la-Fontaine Bioparc, the Boissière-du-Doré zoo or Legendia parc in Frossay. The La Flèche zoo and the Planète sauvage safari-park have not yet made any announcements. Puy du Fou, the most visited theme park in France behind Disneyland, is also waiting.

Suspense for the Atlantis and Atoll shopping centers

Non-essential businesses, department stores and shopping malls are allowed to open on Monday by taking appropriate measures, such as limiting flows. Two large shopping centers are not yet fixed on their fate: Atlantis in Saint-Herblain near Nantes, and the Atoll in Beaucouzé near Angers. “Their influence is important and goes far beyond their agglomeration. We must measure the impact on the catchment area. The government does not want a massive transfer of population ”, explains the prefect. A working meeting on these two sites is being held this Friday afternoon. "A decision will be made before the end of the weekend," promises Claude d'Harcourt.


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