China News Service, May 7th, Xin Xinjian, director of the Fourth Prosecution Department, said on the 7th that from January to November 2019, the national procuratorate arrested all kinds of financial crimes (including crimes that disrupted the order of financial management and financial fraud) 18068 There were 26,765 people and more than 35,287 people were prosecuted.

  On May 7, the Supreme People's Procuratorate held an online interview. In an interview, Zheng Xinjian said that in recent years, financial crimes, especially those involving public interest, have been on the rise, and illegal crimes under the banner of financial innovation have been increasing, posing a serious threat to financial security, and the people are also deeply affected.

  Zheng Xinjian pointed out that in the face of serious financial crimes, prosecutors dared to take action and insisted on starting from the four aspects of punishment, chemical, prevention, and governance, and gave full play to the economic crime prosecution function, contributing to maintaining financial security and safeguarding a better life. From January to November 2019, procuratorial organs across the country arrested 18,068 26,765 persons of various financial crimes (including crimes of disrupting financial management order and financial fraud) and prosecuted more than 18,351 cases of 35,287 persons. Among them, 10495 cases of illegally absorbing public deposits and 15496 persons were arrested, up 38% and 40% year-on-year, respectively, and 9152 cases of 20290 persons were prosecuted, up 40.9% and 50.8% year-on-year.