• Corporal: 4 euros per hour for laborers. Latina couple arrested
  • Regularization of migrant workers, Bellanova: "If norm does not pass, I will reflect on my presence"
  • Migrants: black smoke on regularization, comparison continues tomorrow
  • Pope Francis welcomes the appeal of migrants: "Give dignity to work"


May 07, 2020 "We say no to the regularization of illegal immigrants: if our goal is to support agriculture then we must work on measures to guarantee the market but the solution is not regularization, as if only irregular migrants worked in agriculture, a wrong assumption ". The political leader of the Five Stars, Vito Crimi, affirms it at Uno Mattina on Rai 1. "We are for the emergence of illegal workers, that of migrants or not. On that front - he concludes - we are all together, we are available". A clear stance on the issue continues to divide the Five Star Movement and keep tension in government high.

Provenzano: "Agreement concluded at 99%"
The statement comes as the minister for the south, Giuseppe Provenzano, tells Agorà on Rai 3 that the government is "one step away" from the agreement on the regularization of illegal workers. "Last night we were one step away from the agreement - he said - we added housekeepers and carers in addition to agricultural workers. And I am very happy that we are also talking about regularization of Italian workers who are exploited in the fields". In short, divergent positions in the majority that show how the government is still looking for an agreement on the issue. "We must understand now - added Provenzano - how alongside the regularization of the employer we can give the tool to the exploited workers to emancipate themselves from the blackmail of the corporals in which they find themselves at the moment. It is too serious and important a theme to plant the flags. , also in the Government, on both sides "because" it responds to a need for justice but also to an economic emergency and for this reason we must reach an agreement and carry it forward in the decree that we are preparing to launch. it's reached 99%, "he concluded. And he explained that "the diversity of opinions" is about the "time needed to give the individual worker to demonstrate that he has a contract and therefore convert his residence permit into a permit for work reasons, which gives more guarantees".

Bellanova replies to Catalfo: "A month's insult to the dignity of the people is allowed"
Yesterday the negotiations went on indefinitely between the 4 ministers concerned: Teresa Bellanova (Agricultural Policies), Luciana Lamorgese (Internal), Nunzia Catalfo (Work) and Giuseppe Provenzano (South). The Minister of Agriculture has advanced the proposal of 6 months for the permit, renewable for another 6. The attempt was to mediate over three months but the Minister of Labor Catalfo would only open to an even more limited period. Of a month. A solution defined by Minister Bellanova as "an insult not to my intelligence but to the dignity of the people imprisoned in the ghettos" he said during the Omnibus program, on La7. The discussion also involves the majority heads of delegation.

To seek a technical solution is the minister Lamorgese: "There is a fundamental sharing - says the owner of the Interior Ministry - and I hope it comes down to reaching a shared text". The government aims to keep undeclared Italian workers in the provision. On the ok to emerge by request from employers - it is learned - the agreement is there. The problems are on the parallel emergence channel, which is what starts from the workers' questions. The hypothesis of the draft, to give a six-month renewable residence permit to those who have expired it and to those who have lost their jobs in these months of emergency Covid is not currently accepted by the Cinquestelle.

There are no certainties about the numbers. However, the estimated 600 thousand settlements would seem oversized. The opposition on the barricades, with Matteo Salvini defining the regularization hypothesis "a bad signal for those who work and pay taxes regularly". While Maurizio Gasparri (Fi) defines it as "intolerable". While on Twitter the leader of FDI Giorgia Meloni writes: "Regularizing 600 thousand illegal immigrants means rewarding those who arrived in Italy violating the laws and penalizing foreigners who have not arrived waiting to be able to do so according to the law through the flow decree. It is very bad signal. It is not what makes a serious state. "