Nishimura Economic Regeneration Phase Visited a research university for therapeutic drugs New Coronavirus May 6 12:24

Nishimura's Minister for Economic Recovery, who is in charge of the new coronavirus countermeasures, visited a university that is researching drugs that are expected to be one of the candidates for therapeutic drugs, and said that "therapeutic drugs are all around the world." , Conveyed the idea to support the development.

Ivermectin, a specific medicine for infectious diseases caused by parasites, is based on a substance discovered by Nobel Prize-winning Professor Satoshi Omura and a special honorary professor at Kitasato University, and is also effective against new coronaviruses overseas. Research results have been announced.

On the morning of the 6th, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura visited the research site of Kitasato University and exchanged opinions with Professor Emeritus Omura and other related parties of the university.

In the midst of this, Nishimura said, "The world is waiting for therapeutic drugs. The development budget is included in the supplementary budget, and we are fully committed to the development of therapeutic drugs including vaccines." I shared my thoughts.

On the other hand, Professor Emeritus Omura introduced overseas research results that the mortality rate of patients receiving ivermectin was lower than that of patients not receiving ivermectin, and university officials will begin clinical research in earnest. I explained the plan to let you.

Nishimura Economic Revitalization Phase "Use supplementary budget to get medical treatment as soon as possible"

After the visit, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura told reporters, "The supplementary budget is to invest 20 billion yen in the Japan Medical Research and Development Organization for research and development of therapeutic drugs, and 10 billion yen for vaccine development. I would like to utilize this budget and make every effort to deliver therapeutic drugs as soon as possible. "