Today, Thursday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives agreed to give confidence to the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi, without endorsing all the ministers whose names have been proposed.

The parliament also voted - during a session attended by 255 deputies out of 329 - in favor of supporting the government curriculum of the Al-Kazemi government, which accompanied the members of his government to the constitutional oath before the Council.

Iraqi media sources said that 15 ministries were voted, including the defense, interior and finance ministries, while five ministries were not agreed upon, and the vote on the oil and foreign ministries was postponed. 

The council also voted for the former Iraqi international football star, Adnan Darjal, as Minister of Youth and Sports.

"I am grateful to everyone who supported us, and my hope is that all political forces join forces to face the difficult challenges ... Iraq's sovereignty, security, stability, and prosperity are our path," he said in a tweet on Twitter after giving members of his government confidence.

Today, the esteemed parliament has given confidence to my government, and I will work with the honorable ministerial team in earnest to win the trust and support of our people. My gratitude to all of our support, and my hope that all political forces will join hands to face the difficult challenges
of Iraq's sovereignty, security, stability and prosperity. Our Path.

- Mustafa Al-Kadhimi Mustafa Al-Kadhimi (@MAKadhimi) May 6, 2020

The Al-Jazeera correspondent had reported that the Iraqi parliament had started earlier to vote on Al-Kazemi's candidates to take over the various ministerial portfolios.

In a statement made by Al-Kazemi before the voting session, he said that his government is a "solution government, not an aggravating government, and I seek an urgent confrontation with urgent issues." 

Al-Kazemi also pledged to address the repercussions of the economic crisis by rationalizing spending and negotiating to restore Iraq’s share of oil exports.

He promised early elections after completing the electoral law, and he refused that Iraq would use the scene of the attacks, he said.

Before the voting session, Iraqi television stated that Al-Kazemi ended a meeting with the parliamentary blocs, and that he made amendments to his nominations for the ministries of justice, agriculture, and labor to disagree with them.

Earlier Wednesday, members of the Iraqi parliament had published a list of the expected cabinet formation of Al-Kazemi’s government.

Parliamentary sources reported that the list included 20 names of candidates for ministerial portfolios, and reached the Iraqi parliament, and included the names of the candidates for the oil and foreign portfolios.

Commenting on this, spokesperson for the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, Vian Sabri, confirmed that their parliamentary bloc "will not be satisfied unless they are entitled to ministerial positions" in the upcoming government formation.

Also, the deputy from the "Building Alliance", Manar Al-Shadidi, announced that most of the Sunni blocs got their merits, and agreed to vote for the Al-Kazemi government.

On the other hand, the Turkmen Front waved cutting ties with Baghdad because the Turkmen were not given a ministerial portfolio in the government formation.

Politicians and specialists in Iraqi affairs expected through their accounts on the media that the Kazemi government would pass.