China News Service, May 6 (Xinhua Times) reported that the Greek authorities are working on plans to restart the pillar industry, tourism. Earlier, affected by the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the Greek nationwide blocked and implemented an extensive flight ban, the number of tourists also fell sharply, and the entire industry was at a standstill. The tourism industry accounts for about 18% of the Greek economy and is a veritable ace industry in Greece.

  On the evening of May 4, local time, Greek Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis said in Parliament: "Under the premise of observing the sanitary rules, we will use every opportunity to revive the Greek tourism industry." He explained the three key parts of the restart tourism plan submitted on the same day as follows:

  First, an enforceable health and safety agreement will be drawn up before May 8, focusing on tailor-made health and safety agreements for hotels, docks, yachts, coaches, aircraft and other areas where tourists gather, while guaranteeing tourists and tourist areas The health of local residents is not compromised.

  Second, take diplomatic action to gain broad support from other countries. The government will hold talks with the governments of the major tourist markets to discuss the steps required to resume inbound and outbound flights, including the development of health agreements that are recognized by both parties.

  Third, enhance advertising. In the coming weeks, Greece will promote Greece ’s unique tourism resources through a variety of media, and contact international travel agencies and the media to enhance its image. At the same time, strengthen contacts and cooperation with major travel agencies and international media.

  While explaining the main points of the plan, Theo Charles also said that the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic will obviously not be able to match the benefits brought by the tourism industry this year, but the government and the tourism department will make every effort to minimize the losses.

  This week, the Ministry of Tourism will discuss with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Labor to develop a specific and cost-effective package plan. Employees who cannot return to the tourism industry will receive certain subsidies. Theo Harris said: "We must recognize the real economic problems. The demand for tourism will not be enough to re-absorb all practitioners. This is not positive news. I want to reiterate that those who cannot return to their jobs Employees will receive financial support from the government. During this particularly difficult period, the government will support companies that continue to develop products. "He said:" The behavior of maintaining the competitiveness of Greek tourism products deserves support. "The government is planning to strengthen Contact with travel agencies and international media to help potential tourists get to know Greece in the first place.

  If all goes well, Greece plans to resume the operation of hotels throughout the year from June 1, and subsequently, accommodation facilities such as seasonal hotels will also reopen. The government expects that this summer's tourist season will be July, August and September, and hopes to extend it to October and November. However, this premise is the timely recovery of international flights and ferries.

  According to the "Daily Daily" report, the Chinese branch of TUI, the world's largest travel group, has recently stated that it has resumed its Greek package for Chinese tourists and urged the European Union to lift travel restrictions, while most of China has Basically returned to normal.

  Tuit CEO Fritz Joussen said in a statement: "Our offices in Beijing and Shanghai were open during the crisis, but we are not allowed to sell holiday packages, so there is a large backlog of holiday demand for plans to travel to Greece."

  He also cited the progress made by Greece, Cyprus, the Spanish Archipelago, Austria and Bulgaria in reopening resorts: "The EU and its member states should establish a timetable to resume tourism in Europe by 2020."

  On the 4th, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis said in an interview with CNN that if the relaxation of the blockade measures launched this week can be carried out smoothly, supplemented by strict sanitary and anti-epidemic regulations, Greece will fully open the tourism market on July 1. He said: "This summer's travel experience may be slightly different from previous years. The social distance has increased and the bars may continue to close. However, if the global epidemic is well controlled, Greece will still provide a perfect and pleasant holiday experience for every tourist."

  It is also reported that the Greek Tourism Federation (SETE) and 13 pan-Hellenic alliances have put forward proposals to restart the national tourism economy. They also wrote to the Prime Minister to advise on the sustainability and competitiveness of the tourism industry.

  The Federation called for the introduction of hygienic practices. They pointed out that without a common European traffic health monitoring protocol, tourism and transportation cannot function properly. And these agreements must be realistic, sustainable, and easy for small businesses to implement.

  In addition, the alliance also called for a strengthened labor support program during 2020, reducing hotel value-added tax to 6%, restaurant, travel services, domestic transportation and shipping value-added tax to 13%, as well as the suspension of measures requiring prepayment of income tax. It is reported that the alliance will propose a comprehensive plan before May 11. (Zhang Wei Cai Ling)