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12 years ago Adele rose to fame by publishing her first album. The sweet and powerful voice of the British artist coupled with her heartbreaking lyrics were a breath of fresh air for the music industry and in a matter of months, at just 19 years old, her first album began playing around the world.

The English singer was not the first nor would she be the last young girl to succeed globally at a very young age, but she was one of the only women who managed to make her own place in show business without complying with the aesthetic standards that marked her age. and its role. Adele was overweight and, although she never gave it public importance, her gradual loss of kilos showed that the artist was betting on a healthy life.

The singer, in 2016 on the left, and her latest Instagram photo.

Today Adele turns 32 years in full world confinement due to the coronavirus and the artist has wanted to share with all her followers a thank you photograph. In it, published on her Instagram profile, she appears on the door of her house next to an original flower arrangement and dressed in a flattering black dress and simple rooms of the same color. But the look is the least of all when you consider that he is showing off his legs and figure like never before.

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Since January, it has been commented on more than one occasion that the author of All I Ask had lost considerable weight again, but it has not been until now with the image published by herself when it has become clear that the rumors were entirely true. The smile with which Adele poses for her 'followers', on the other hand, is not new. No matter what is said, the artist has demonstrated from the beginning that her weight and body are only hers, that if she loses weight she does it because she wants and not for anyone and that, whatever the scale marks , it does not condition her happiness .

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