Six new corona deaths have been reported in Finland. There are a total of 246 deaths.

There are 48 patients in intensive care and a total of 195 in hospital care. The number of intensive care patients has dropped by one compared to yesterday and the number of hospitalized patients by two.

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There are now 5,412 confirmed coronavirus infections in Finland, of which 85 are new. On Tuesday, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) updated new information on confirmed coronavirus infections in Finland. The number of new cases increased from Monday to 73.

The highest number of coronavirus infections is in Helsinki, where there are now 2,018 confirmed infections. An increase on Monday's reading is 29 cases in Helsinki.

After Helsinki, most infections are in Espoo and Vantaa. There are now 589 infections in Espoo and 587 in Vantaa. There are also more than a hundred infections in Turku, 146, and Tampere, 130.

Of the other cities, more than 90 infections are in Jyväskylä and Järvenpää. There are 99 infections in Jyväskylä and 95 in Järvenpää.

There are 89 confirmed coronavirus infections in Oulu, northern Finland.