Rue Jean-Jacques in Nantes becomes famous during confinement - 20 Minutes

  • Dozens and dozens of colorful garlands appear every day in the rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Nantes.
  • An idea launched by three neighbors who did not know each other and which excited a good part of the residents.

It's a little hello between neighbors which turned into a general fiesta. Since the beginning of confinement, a spirit of conviviality has been hanging over rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, this axis of the city center well known to Nantes residents. On both sides of the balconies, dozens of colorful garlands over 10 m long were stretched, symbol of the bond that is woven between the neighbors during this funny period.

“At the start, we took a picture because each of them had made a sign for the caregivers, remember laughing at Clémence and Bruna, two thirty-something people who didn't know each other six weeks ago. We started chatting from our windows every day, sometimes speaking very loudly. It's crazy to say that it's been more than five years that we live in this street, but that we had never spoken before! Bastien, Clémence's companion and rope access technician by trade, then proposed to set up a pulley system, so that the two new friends, nicknamed "the fishmongers", could exchange shopping and small gifts more easily.

"Prejudices are gone"

After seeing their first garlands grow, cut from Tri'sac bags or old clothes, everyone wanted to get started. Every day, new decorative or message flags appear, such as the letter “R” recently dedicated to the baby of a neighbor, born during confinement. Every evening, each on their balcony, residents meet for the traditional applause for the carers but also for blind blind tests, aperitifs, or group orders for pizzas. "All the prejudices that we could have on each other are gone," said Bruna today, who even says "distress" as the end of confinement approaches. “We shared some really cool stuff, which allowed us to have experienced all of this very well. We know everyone's names and even nicknames! It's weird to think that everyone is going to go back to their previous life. "

In memory of this period, the neighbors of “rue Jean-Jacques” hope that their garlands (which even made the front page of the New York Times website ) will be able to stay in place at least for the summer and the Voyage to Nantes . Even if the gatherings will be limited to ten people after May 11, they are already looking for a way to get everyone together to finally see each other a little closer.


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