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May 05, 2020 "Everyone, Italian and foreign, must be guaranteed legal and paid work. Also because if these people are forced to stay in the ghettos, irregular and invisible, it will be a huge risk for their health and for that of Italian citizens" . Teresa Bellanova, Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies wrote on Facebook. "The regularization of migrants is a matter of civilization," adds the head of Italy's delegation alive to the government.

Summit on regularization
Bellanova's words were the guiding thread, today, in the meeting held to try to put order in the many open fronts in the executive: from the node of business aid to REM (emergency income), from funds for families to regularization of irregular foreign workers, in fact. Themes that have been dividing the majority for days.

It could be the Prime Minister himself to untangle the skein, meanwhile there is discussion about the number of irregular immigrants: the Minister of Agriculture Bellanova has hypothesized 600,000 the number of beneficiaries, but the estimate by several ministers is considered too high. Pd and Italia viva in this game travel on the same wavelength. Like Minister Bellanova, the head of the South, Provenzano, is also in favor of including not only agricultural workers but also domestic workers and carers. The 5-star movement has been slowing down for days. The brokers work for an ok at half of the figure on the table, excluding the possibility of extending the measure to other non-agricultural categories. Then Parliament must decide.

Comparing ministers
Today there was an inter-ministerial meeting on the issue of regularization of foreign workers in black (with Lega and Fratelli d'Italia threatening the barricades in Parliament "on any hypothesis of amnesty"). The interior ministers, Luciana Lamorgese, Labor Nunzia Catalfo, Agriculture Teresa Bellanova and the Minister for the South, Giuseppe Provenzano, are connected by videoconference. During the meeting we tried to take stock of which categories of workers, such as laborers, carers and domestic workers, need to be regularized. But Crimi would have pointed out that today's meeting is only technical, the decisions will come later. And it is there that the Movement is ready to go sideways, returning the Bellanova proposal to the sender.

Political Reactions
"I don't know if it is true that the discussion on the regularization of foreign workers without a residence permit, which seems to be very advanced in the dialogue between the various ministries, risks running aground politically in front of the veto of the M5s. I continue to think that the regularization of workers essential to the Italian economy and families is the minimum that can be required with regard to the reform of immigration policies ". This was stated in a note by the leader of Più Europa, Emma Bonino . "It is an even late measure and moreover identical to the one taken twice by the center-right governments with the League. Far from being a 'revolutionary' measure. Today, for reasons of law, security and economic legality, there are also reasons for necessity and urgency, because without foreign workers, entire sectors, starting from agriculture - concludes Bonino - will stop ".

"I understand that talking about a maxi amnesty for" 300 thousand illegal immigrants "tickles the belly of his fans and Salvini is comfortable playing the only electoral card he has left, but if he really cared about the health of the Italians he would know that it also passes through the access of foreign citizens to the national health system, from their social security and from their employment and housing stability. It is our duty. It is one of the primary duties of a democracy in times of crisis. Security is in rights ". Erasmo Palazzotto di Leu says so .