Bangladesh Rohingya Rescue to Uninhabited Island New Corona Alert May 5 17:11

While the Myanmar Minority Rohingya refugee ship was denied berthing due to the possibility of introducing the new coronavirus and was drifting offshore one after another, the government of Bangladesh decided to remove the drifted ship. We rescued and transferred Rohingya refugees who were on board to an uninhabited island offshore.

According to media from Bangladesh, the government rescued a ship that was drifting carrying 29 minority Muslims, Rohingya refugees from neighboring Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal on the 2nd, and was infected with the new coronavirus at a refugee camp in the country. I transferred to an uninhabited island off the coast to prevent it from spreading.

On this uninhabited island, the Bangladesh government has built housing and other facilities to relocate approximately 100,000 Rohingya refugees, but the United Nations and others have expressed concern that there is a risk of flooding due to cyclones and storm surges. Had been forgotten.

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are rushing out of refugee camps in harsh environments, so many people rely on smugglers to go to Malaysia and other destinations by boat, but there is a risk that they will bring in the new coronavirus, so they will berth. There are many cases of refusal and drifting offshore.

The Bangladesh government plans to continue transferring rescued Rohingya refugees to an uninhabited island, but an international human rights group said of this measure, `` There is no adequate medical system and there is a danger of flooding. Transporting is not the solution. "