The couple were supposed to settle permanently in their summer cottage in Blekinge, and had therefore packed large portions of their home. But the car they were driving in had the Customs Administration react. After checking, a dozen weapons were found, including several arm brushes, tear gas revolvers, electric shock devices, batons and a rifle.

- It's because they come in a car that has such decals on it that causes the Customs Administration to react. They were moving to Sweden and packed up parts of their household goods, including these items. But they believe they did not know that permission was required to bring it into the country, says Michelle Stein, prosecutor in the case.

According to Sydsvenskan, the "Zombie response team" is an association of people who go out to prepare for the apocalypse.

"But no information has emerged in the interrogation, that they planned to shoot zombies," the prosecutor says.