The municipality of Rotterdam closed the parking spaces and the access roads to the beach at Hoek van Holland on Sunday afternoon. This was necessary because too many people had come to the beach again.

The access roads to the Rozenburg and Maasvlakte headland were also closed. The municipality urges citizens not to go to the beach.

In April, the parking lots were closed on sunny days and on weekends. But because the weather seemed to be less sunny this weekend, it was decided not to close the roads.

The parking lots and roads to other popular beaches such as Zandvoort and Bloemendaal were closed this weekend to avoid crowds. When asked, the municipality informs that the closings are still having the desired effect.

There were more incidents last weekend with people who, despite the corona quarantine, still met with large groups. For example, the Arnhem police ended a party with a DJ and more than forty people. Only the owner of the building was fined.

Due to crowds, the # parking spaces at the @strand of @HoekvHolland are immediately closed. If necessary, the # access roads to the beach also close. This also applies to the headland #Rozenburg and #Maasvlakte. Stay at home! ūüĎČhttps: // #OnlyTogether #Coronavirus

AvatarAvatar Author Rotterdam Time of places 10:18 - 3 May 2020

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