• School, Azzolina: "In September you have to go back, it's a student right"
  • School. Azzolina: expert committee for a national education plan is underway
  • Maturity, Azzolina: "60 credits, 40 from oral exam. The exam on June 17th"
  • Coronavirus, Azzolina: "School courtyards available for summer activities"


03 May 2020The class division, half in the classroom and half online, which the Minister of Education Azzolina spoke about "is what we call scenario zero, the starting scenario, on which we are working. With variants that must be weighed, because there are both first grade and high school students. The important thing is that everyone, but not one less, can make the best use of the conditions we can offer. " This was said by Patrizio Bianchi, president of the task force of the Ministry of Education.

Covid has highlighted long-standing problems
The Covid emergency "highlighted a whole series of problems that had already existed in the Italian school for years", continues Patrizio Bianchi, president of the task force of the ministry of education, which is currently working to define the road map for the reopening of schools. "We have been saying for ten years that the ideal size of a class is 10-12 children, to overcome what are called chicken coop classes with an expression that I hate. This can be an occasion, there are many experiments , also to try to go beyond the classes. Then there is the problem of school construction, which will have to be addressed with a multi-year look, but which we have been carrying for a long time ".

Helping students to overcome the trauma
"We asked that the ministry provide a special unit to help individual principals organize themselves better. There is a training problem to help our students get out of this trauma. the phase of restart will be central to the theme of school autonomy. We are a committee of experts that is due to expire on 31 July, we hope to provide the ministry, hopefully before that date, with a road map to enable schools to function, ensuring to all students to make the best use of the conditions we can offer. "

Furlan: "Impossible turnaround"
"The safe reopening of schools is an important issue that affects millions of families. Serious confrontation is needed at Palazzo Chigi. Turning and distance learning are unthinkable due to the poverty level of many families and the lack of spread of broadband ". The secretary general of the CISL, Anna Maria Furlan, writes on Twitter about the proposal of the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, of the 'shift' in September of the students in the classrooms. 

The principals are perplexed: "Clear rules are needed"
The principals manifest "considerable perplexities" on the choice of the exams in presence, announced by the Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina. They ask to "define specific safety protocols concerning the tools, procedures and related responsibilities. We cannot leave the schools and managers who manage the business alone in deciding how to organize themselves. We cannot accept a further and above all avoidable burden of responsibility", emphasizes the National Association of principals for whom "clear rules are needed and are needed immediately".

Minister Azzolina and competitions
There is no agreement even on the management of competitions for teachers. "The school responds to the future of the country, to families, students and staff: who in these days is saying that competitions can be made by qualifications and that teachers would be hired immediately from September thanks to these competitions is lying shamelessly", he the minister said on TV today and added: "These are competitions expected for years. If we changed the rules, in September we would not hire anyone at all."

Orfini: "Can you give us liars?"
Minister Azzolina went on TV today saying that the majority voting for confidence in the government of which she belongs is shamelessly lying. She said it to the Democratic Party, to Leu and to the group of Autonomies, who evidently according to her have the serious responsibility of wanting to work on the stabilization of precarious workers through a bankruptcy procedure different from a test for spreaders done in full pandemic ", wrote on Facebook Matteo Orfini, Member of the Democratic Party. "These are serious and disrespectful statements about the lives of many precarious workers, the majority forces and the autonomy of Parliament. I am sure he will apologize for these inadmissible statements as soon as possible. "

Anzaldi:" Slap to Parliament "
" Minister Azzolina's statements are a slap in the Parliament, pupils and families. Announcing in a television interview and not in the institutional offices, four months after the next school year, solutions not yet discussed with anyone appears serious, as well as totally disrespectful of the parliamentary committees. It is not the minister who decides alone, in a sort of replay of the dpcm already seen with the Prime Minister, but it will be the Parliament to evaluate ", observed the deputies of Italia Viva in the Culture Committee, Gabriele Toccafondi and Michele Anzaldi.

Fratoianni : "
A hiring plan is needed" A competition for qualifications and service "can be done immediately", observed Nicola Fratoianni for Leu, "just as a multi-year hiring plan is needed, to remedy the enormous shortage of staff in our schools . If the Minister does a reason, respect Parliament, we will continue for our part and will continue to fight ", remarked

Gelmini:" It is a problem of method "
"The words of Minister Azzolina reveal a frankly unacceptable approximation," said Mariastella Gelmini, leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies, from the opposition. "First of all, a method problem: the Minister of Education should make certain announcements only in Parliament, not using television studios. Azzolina's plan for the reopening of September - students half a week at school and half at home - is light years away from real needs of children and families. The right to education cannot abdicate the virus, parents should not be abandoned by the state. Who should look after their children on the 3 days a week when they could not go to school? The government should give prospects and certainties for families and young people, at home for almost two months, instead continues to produce only chaos ".