Constitution and New Corona Countermeasures Discussed by the ruling and opposition parties NHK “Sunday Debate” May 3: 12:45

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus on the 3rd of Constitution Day, the ruling party called for discussing measures to secure the function of the Diet in the NHK's "Sunday debate", while the opposition side has taken measures such as economic measures. The idea that the discussion of should be prioritized.

Acting Secretary-General Inada of the Liberal Democratic Party said, "What can we do in the current public welfare if we further restrict our private rights regarding this emergency response? Also, there is a quorum issue in the Diet. Next year, the term of the members of the House of Representatives will also come. Shouldn't discussions centering on the Constitution be firmly held in the Constitutional Review Board? After all, the discussion of the Constitution is very important. "

The Komeito Secretary-General Saito said, "The limitation of private rights that we are discussing should be discussed within the scope of the law, but only the term of the Diet members is stipulated in the Constitution. How to keep the basics of the principle should be carefully discussed at the Constitutional Review Board. "

Fukuyama, Secretary-General of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, "The first priority is how to respond to the current situation, and I would like you to stop the discussion of constitutional revisions by taking advantage of the spread of the virus. It's going to be tough. We should work on the next supplementary budget proposal, which is a set of self-restraint and leave requests and compensation. "

“The highest priority in the measures against infectious diseases is to meet the mandate of the Constitution. I do not intend to shut down the constitutional amendment debate, but it should not be prioritized. There are not enough measures, and we should take measures of 100 trillion yen for the fiscal expenditure of "fresh water". "

"The Constitutional Review Board has not been held at all for a long time. We will take proper measures against the new coronavirus. At the same time, we will discuss the emergency situation at the Constitutional Review Board." Is natural. "

“The failure to deal with the virus is not due to the constitution, but to the political attitude and ability of the Abe administration. The self-restraint and compensation are a set, and a sufficient amount of the second correction. You should hurry up your budget proposal. "