British prime minister "prepared to die" New Corona infection May 3 at 9:04

British prime minister Johnson, who was infected with the new coronavirus and then recovered and returned to public affairs, said in an interview with the media that he was aware that he might die during treatment in the intensive care unit, and the condition was serious. Revealed.

British Prime Minister Johnson was hospitalized after being infected with the new coronavirus and his condition deteriorated, so he was treated in an intensive care unit.

Prime Minister Johnson, who had just returned to public service, explained in an interview published in the electronic version of the British newspaper "Sun" on the 2nd that he was hospitalized because he was not feeling serious at first but gradually became sick. "I had a mask on my face and a lot of oxygen. I was transferred to the intensive care unit and realized the seriousness of the situation," he said.

"It was probably the first time he knew he might die," he said, saying "the doctors were doing everything to prepare for their deterioration."

He also said the British government was preparing a crisis management plan at the time of the Prime Minister's death at that time, revealing that the situation was tense.

Mr. Johnson names his son, who was born after he was discharged, because the doctor at the hospital had saved his life.

In the UK, discussions are underway to ease measures such as strict restrictions on going out, but Prime Minister Johnson has been cautious, and the British media has said that the experience of wandering between life and death due to virus infection will lead the Prime Minister's future. I'm telling you that it will affect your decision.

From the son's name "life saver" doctor

The British prime minister, Johnson, found that his son, born on the 29th of last month, was named after a doctor who treated him when he was hospitalized for the new coronavirus.

A boy was born on the 29th of last month between British Prime Minister Johnson and his fiance Carrie Simmons. According to British media, Johnson named the boy Wilfred Laurie Nicholas.

Among them, the middle name "Nicholas" is named after two doctors of the same name who were treated when Prime Minister Johnson was hospitalized after being infected with the new coronavirus.

Simmons paid tribute to the two doctors on his social media post, "Saving Boris's life." A British public broadcaster, BBC, says, "It shows how serious the prime minister's condition was."

Prime Minister Johnson is planning to take childcare leave later this year.

In recent years, this is the third birth of an incumbent prime minister, following Blair, who had a son in 2000, and Cameron, who had a daughter in 2010.