• Migrants, the boat overturns. Sea Watch: "Shipwreck announced between Malta and Tripoli"
  • Migrants: Alarm Phone, 62 in danger off Libya


02 May 2020 The Coast Guard and the Guardia di Finanza rescued the 67 migrants on a wooden boat with a failed engine who had launched an SOS via the Alarm Phone.

The intervention took place in Italian territorial waters, about 12 miles from the coast of Lampedusa. Some of the migrants at the sight of the Italian naval units launched themselves into the water and were immediately recovered by the rescuers on the two class 300 patrol boats of the Lampedusa Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard and Guardia di Finanza units are now heading towards the port of Lampedusa with the rescued people on board.

According to Alarm Phone, the migrants fled Libya and had been at sea for over 30 hours.

On Twitter, Alarm Phone said she was "relieved" in learning about the rescue: "After our last call, we feared that the panic was spreading on board."

"This case shows that those fleeing Libya have to take longer and riskier journeys to receive help. In this case, the Coast Guard reacted promptly, unlike the armed forces of Malta that delay rescue, sabotage the boats and reject the people in Libya, "concluded Alarm Phone