China News Service, May 2 (Xinhua) According to the Hubei Provincial People's Government website, the Hubei Provincial People's Government General Office recently issued a notice on the issuance of several measures to support the revitalization of the cultural tourism industry. The notice stated that local and government agencies and institutions with conditions are encouraged to optimize and adjust the summer rest schedule in accordance with the law to create favorable conditions for employees to travel on Friday afternoons and weekends.

Image source: Screenshot from the Hubei Provincial People's Government website.

  The notice pointed out that in order to advance the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and economic and social development, support the cultural tourism industry to revitalize, and better play its role in promoting the high-quality economic and social development of the province, Hubei Province formulated five major measures.

  One is to increase the relief efforts of enterprises. Use the existing "allocated to invest" special funds to support cultural and tourism enterprises to fight against the epidemic, and provide credit support to cultural enterprises, tourist attractions, travel agencies, and star-rated hotels that are severely affected by the epidemic to ease the pressure of liquidity; support cultural tourism enterprises to pass Direct financing through listing, listing, issuing bonds and commercial papers.

  The second is to increase the intensity of industrial integration development. Encourage the creation of fine arts, launch a number of influential cultural film and television works, and provide appropriate support for excellent works against the epidemic; develop tourism performing arts products with local characteristics, support key cities and scenic spots to strengthen and optimize tourism performing arts brands; Cultural Tourism + "Integrated Development.

  The third is to increase the project construction efforts. Accelerate the construction of a global tourism distribution center and improve the tourism guideline marking system; accelerate the construction of a “one mobile phone to travel to Hubei” global smart tourism integrated service platform, and support a number of 5A scenic spots to build a smart scenic spot benchmark.

  Fourth, increase market expansion and quality improvement. Implement a paid vacation system, encourage cadres and employees to take vacations in different stages, and take peak-off vacations. Advocate to arrange travel vacations in conjunction with statutory holidays; encourage local and government enterprises and institutions with conditions to optimize and adjust summer work schedules in accordance with the law, for employees to go out on Friday afternoon and weekends Create favorable conditions for tourism; vigorously develop holiday tourism and launch a batch of tourism products and activities with distinctive characteristics, rich connotations, and diverse types.

  Fifth, increase policy implementation services. Pay attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, strictly implement the requirements of normalization and precision prevention and control, promote the reopening of the cultural and tourism industry by zoning and classification, and strengthen the management of cultural and tourism enterprises within the scope of the restricted list. behavior.