DRC: "The Congo is not for sale" wants an audit of public spending

The “Congo is not for sale” campaign calls on President Tshisekedi (our photo) to launch a general audit of the expenditure chain in the DRC. REUTERS / Hereward Holland

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The "Congo is not for sale" campaign calls on President Tshisekedi to launch a general audit of the spending chain in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).


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For the campaign-initiated platform, which brings together Congolese civil society organizations, as well as international organizations, the “100 days program” affair should not be reduced to legal action against Vital Kamerhe. To put an end to the hijackings that have bled the country, responsibilities must be established at all levels.

For Jean-Claude Mputu, the spokesperson for the campaign, “  there is a whole series of institutions that must intervene legally for this money to come out. So, we have to shed light on this whole chain, from the presidency to the government, from the government to the Directorate General of Public Procurement, from public procurement to the Ministry of Budget and Finance, and to the Central Bank. and banks. Civil society has denounced it for years without any results.  "

Money paid and withdrawn by hand, the lack of control, fraud at the level of the Direction of control of public markets, all these things have existed for a long time," says Jean-Claude Mputu again. And we think that with what is happening now, it is time for the President of the Republic, for the government, to initiate a general audit of the public expenditure chain to possibly punish the culprits, those who are used to this mafia. Because if we cannot know who did what and who is responsible at each level, then this fight against corruption would be of absolutely no use. "

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