The Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center, which is patented by the Ministry of Economy for an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for emerging coronavirus (COFED-19), confirmed the possibility of successfully treating many diseases through stem cells, noting that there are five things people may not know about Stem Cells.

The center pointed out that stem cells operate around the clock and seven days a week in the human body, to repair and renew blood, heart, bones, skin, and muscles, in addition to certain areas of the brain, pointing out that all stem cells are not the same, where multiple stem cells can be Abilities to develop into any type of specialized cell in the body.

The center pointed out that the human body consists of about 30 trillion cells that include more than 200 different types, and stem cells are general cells in the body that can develop into different types of cells with more specific functions such as blood cells, heart muscle cells and brain cells, as they are considered The only cells in the body that can self-regenerate, so that they can serve as an internal repair system for damaged body tissues, can also speed up the healing process, so it is often used to treat degenerative and inflammatory diseases.

The center pointed out that stem cells can be used to treat many diseases, including cancers, blood, immune disorders and metabolism such as leukemia (leukemia), lymphoma and sickle cell anemia, pointing out that umbilical cord blood has much more stem cells than the adult bone marrow. In addition, all mammals have stem cells.

It is worth noting that the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Center Center obtained a patent yesterday for an innovative and promising stem cell treatment for new infections of the Corona Virus "Covid-19", by the Ministry of Economy. The patient's blood and re-inserted after activation. Patent granted for the innovative way in which stem cells are collected.

And the treatment was tried in the country on 73 cases, which recovered, and the result of the examination appeared negative after the introduction of the treatment to the lungs by inhalation by a fine spray. Its therapeutic effect is supposed to be by regenerating the lung cells and modifying their immune response to prevent them from overreacting to COFED-19 infection and causing more healthy cells to be damaged.

Treatment underwent and successfully passed the first stage of clinical trials, which indicates its safety. None of the patients who received treatment reported any immediate side effects, and no interactions were found with the traditional treatment protocols for Corona patients. Experiments continue to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment and are expected to be completed within two weeks.

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