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May 01, 2020 The Marinette Marine Corporation (Fincantieri Group) has been awarded the tender for the supply of a frigate to the US Navy, worth $ 800 million. The contract provides for the option of another 9 for a total value of 5.5 billion dollars. The ships derive from the Fremm that the group has already supplied to the Italian Navy.

Fincantieri won the tender of the FFG (X) program for new missile launcher frigates alone, winning against other US shipyards. The contract provides for the delivery of the "class leader", to which the other nine optioned ships should follow from time to time in the coming years. The value of 5.5 billion dollars refers to the Fincantieri quota only, new tenders will be launched for supplies of armament and equipment, raising the total amount of the contract to 19 billion dollars.

The result crowns the work started years ago by Fincantieri with the US Navy, for which the Italian group has already won the tender for 16 units of LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) (of which 10 have already been delivered and six are in progress). A successful project: 4 more units will in fact be delivered to Saudi Arabia.

Guerini, a great success for the Group in the USA
"A great success for the Fincantieri Group. The Defense sector includes many of the Italian excellence and at this time when the recovery of production activities affected by the Covid-19 crisis is important, it is an important injection of confidence. Fincantie brings the guarantee of Italian technology back to the seas of the world. An important result, also the result of intense teamwork, which is a sign of trust towards Italy ". So Minister Guerini learned the news of the tender awarded to Fincantieri, one of the most important shipbuilding complexes in the world, which today has 20 factories in 4 continents, with over 19,000 employees, and is the main western shipbuilder for the construction of the new frigates FREMM class multirole.