US “Action Guideline” New Corona to be divided by each state within one day deadline New Corona May 1: 6:26

While the U.S. Trump administration has sought to refrain from going out in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the state's judgment is divided regarding the resumption of economic activity as the deadline expires on the 1st of Japan time. .

The action guideline that the Trump administration in the United States demands to refrain from going out unnecessarily or participating in meetings to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus will expire on the 30th, the 1st of Japan time.

President Trump has suggested that he will not extend the deadline so far, and has made clear his desire to resume economic activity quickly, with 10 states such as Southern Georgia and western Montana having a certain distance from others. Under certain conditions, we have permitted the reopening of business at sports gyms and clothing stores.

Seven states, including Southern Texas, will allow some industries to reopen this week.

On the other hand, Governor Cuomo of eastern New York, where the situation is the worst, has indicated that he will extend the curfew measures until May 15 in most parts of the state, and there are many infected people. Eastern Pennsylvania and other states are cautious about resuming economic activity, and each state has its own decisions.

"We should lift restrictions and resume economic activity."

Many argue that the restrictions should be lifted and economic activity resumed as soon as possible in order to prevent the economic situation from worsening.

Kate Camaro, 38, who raises five children in eastern Pennsylvania, who is planning to keep going out until May 8, is one such person.

I ran a travel agency on my own, but I lost my job and my husband's income in the construction industry was halved. For this reason, on April 20, we also participated in a demonstration requesting the state government to resume economic activity.

“I don't have that much money, and I'm under financial pressure as the restrictions on going out are prolonged,” Camaro said. If you follow the rule of keeping yourself away from others, you're unlikely to be infected. I think if the economic impact continues to spread, it will be irreversible, "he said, saying that the restrictions on going out should be lifted as soon as possible to resume work.

"Careful opinion on relaxing or lifting restrictions"

U.S. President Trump has urged states in the United States to resume economic activity in stages, but among the people, there is a cautious opinion that the restrictions will be relaxed and lifted, as it may lead to the spread of infection again. It is persistent.

According to the CBS television went last week (April 20 to 22 days) poll, where the local government If you clear out restriction, was asked about whether to go to many a gathering place of people in the coming weeks,
▽ 13% of respondents said they would definitely go, and
39% answered that they might go if the infection situation improved, and said that
they would not go unless the spread of infection had definitely ended. People have reached 48%.

Among them, the government of Southern Texas has already opened the state park and decided to reopen the museum and library from May 1, but some residents have been cautious.

Adir Hack, who lives with his wife and three children in the state, has been ordering food online for more than a month and a half for safety, spending time with his family at home except going for a walk. I am.

I have decided to resume my work next week in response to state policy, but I try to refrain from going out as much as I can.

Hack said, “I hear that many people have the virus even if they don't have any symptoms, so it's possible that we could infect friends and other families. My wife and eldest daughter are asthma, I don't go out indiscriminately, and I have no plans to travel for a while. "