The US Congressional Research Service (CRS) said that Kim Jong-un's younger brother, Kim Yeo-jung, the first vice-president of the Labor Party, is likely to be the successor, in line with Kim Jong-un's report on North Korea's state of health.

In a report that updated North Korea relations on the 29th, the CRS said, "Chairman Kim, 36, seems to have had various health problems for many years." "Chairman Kim is known to have three children under the age of 10, but there is no obvious successor." Revealed.

CRS said, "It is not clear who will lead him if Kim dies or fails to live normally due to illness." He put Kim first vice president as the most likely figure and wrote, "She played a prominent role in normal diplomacy." The.

"However, analysts question whether a woman could be a leader, especially if she wasn't named as a successor by her brother, Kim."

He said there are many implications for the interests of the United States, including questions about nuclear weapons control, the possibility of a humanitarian crisis and possible confrontation with China, which could change the fundamental security structure of the region in the event of a power struggle.

CRS says experts suspect North Korea's claim that there is no case of corona19, but "it does not appear to be overloading North Korea's poor medical system." This is due to all border blockades and other stringent measures in January. I evaluated it.

Regarding North Korea, he said, "One of the most persistent US diplomatic challenges since the post-Cold War." Under Kim, the improvement of nuclear and missile capabilities has evolved into a serious security threat to the United States. "

Regarding the economic situation in North Korea, overall growth appears to have declined due to stronger sanctions since 2016, but there are few signs of serious economic distress that will trigger a system collapse.

When it comes to sanctions against North Korea, the CRS said, "Some countries appear to be less robust to international sanctions enforcement than before (North America) reconciliation began." Especially in the field of secondary sanctions (third party sanctions). "

"North Korea says it is a deterrent to stop the US attack," said North Korea's nuclear weapons. "But some analysts believe that North Korea has developed a strong enough deterrent to attack, or use it for nuclear threats to achieve other policy goals." "I'm afraid I might be bold in doing this."

(Photo = Yonhap News)