(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) The British Prime Minister claims that the UK has passed the "peak period" of the epidemic

  China News Agency, London, April 30 (Zhao Xingyiping) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on the 30th that the UK has passed the "peak period" of the New Crown Virus outbreak and will "unblock" it next week. plan.

  At the government ’s daily epidemic briefing held on the same day, Johnson, who returned to the venue for the first time after recovering from a severe illness, said, “Now we can see the dawn, and we have reached the top, or more precisely, we Crossed a potentially huge peak. " "It also seems that we have passed through a huge alpine tunnel, and now we can see the sunlight and pasture in front."

  On the 30th, the UK added 647 deaths in a single day, with a total of 26,711 deaths, ranking third in the world in terms of deaths. There were 6032 newly diagnosed cases on a single day, and a total of 171253 cases were diagnosed; 81,611 people were newly tested on a single day, with a cumulative total of 818539 people. Johnson said, "We are adding tests on a large scale."

  Faced with calls and pressures to lift the “social alienation” closure measures and restore normal economic life sequence, Johnson insisted that avoiding the second peak disaster is “critically important” and that the United Kingdom cannot “take the risk of another outbreak”, “because of that It will really cause greater economic damage. " The UK must "gradually liberalize the economy" and at the same time find a way to continue to suppress the new corona virus in order to lift the "blockade".

  Johnson promised that a "comprehensive plan" will be announced next week, including how to promote economic recovery, how to return children to school, how to enable people to go to work, and how to make the workplace safer.

  Johnson also said that as part of the lifting of the blockade strategy, masks will be "useful", "both for epidemiological reasons, but also to give people the confidence to return to work with peace of mind."

  Johnson said Oxford University in the UK is developing a new coronavirus vaccine, hoping to have limited use by the end of this year. But Johnson emphasized, "Before this day comes, we will have to overcome this virus with increasing determination and wisdom." (Finish)