Supporting university hospitals to accept infected people LDP New Corona April 30, 19:03

The Liberal Democratic Party's federation of parliament has proposed to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Hagita for the stable supply of medical supplies and financial support, saying that it is necessary to support university hospitals that are infected with the new coronavirus.

In order to prevent medical disintegration, it is necessary to build a medical system that shares roles such as accommodations for mild people, general hospitals for moderately ill patients, and university hospitals for severely ill patients, and to make medical staff safe and secure. We are demanding a stable supply of masks and gowns so that we can be treated.

It is also demanding that university hospitals, which have reduced their regular work such as outpatient treatment and surgery to reduce the income from responding to infected persons, should take measures to stabilize their management.

In response to this, Minister Hagita responded by saying, "I want to ensure that medical care is not delayed in the financial aspect. I want to make sure that I do not run out of money on hand by adding a budget or moving forward."

After this, former Chief Cabinet Secretary Kawamura, who is the chairman of the Parliamentary League, told reporters, "With the spread of infection, the role of university hospitals has grown significantly. I would like to support the hard work on site." It was