China News Service, April 30. According to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 19:32 on April 30, Beijing time, there have been more than 3.2 million confirmed cases of new crowns worldwide and nearly 230,000 deaths. . US President Trump is looking forward to "resuming travel"; more European countries are cautiously moving towards "unblocking"; South Korea's domestic cases are growing for the first time; the number of confirmed cases in Africa has broken 36,000.

Data map: April 29, local time, aerial photography of the port of Los Angeles, California, USA. Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, a large number of new cars are neatly arranged at the dock.

Over 1.04 million cases diagnosed in the United States

Trump said he would not extend the implementation of anti-epidemic guidelines

  According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 1.04 million confirmed cases of the new crown in the United States, and a total of more than 60,000 deaths. Recently, multi-state home restraint orders are facing expiration, and Arizona, Washington, California and other states still choose to extend the "home order".

  At the same time, the guidance issued by the US government for the response to the new crown epidemic is due to expire on April 30. Trump said on the 29th that the implementation period of the guidance will not be extended. Trump also said that he planned to visit Arizona next week, "it is time to resume travel, and hope that a large rally will be held soon, and the people can be next to each other instead of maintaining social distance."

  Kushner, Trump's adviser and his son-in-law, said that May will be the "transition month" of the US economy, that most parts of the US will return to normal in June, and that the entire country will be "very good" in July.

  In Latin America, some countries have extended their prevention and control measures. As the country with the worst epidemic in Latin America, some municipalities have extended the period of national isolation and forced residents to wear masks; the Dominican Senate re-examined and approved the extension of the national emergency until May 17; Guayaquil and the capital of Ecuador Many municipal governments decided to maintain a red warning of the outbreak.

Data map: On April 27, local time, outside a hospital in Madrid, Spain, medical staff applauded and cheered for the people who were isolated at home during the national confinement.

Spanish professional clubs resume training in May

100,000 cases diagnosed in Russia

  Spain reported on April 30 that a total of 213,435 confirmed cases of the new crown, 268 new deaths, fell to the lowest level in the past six weeks, a total of 24,543 deaths. From May 4th to 5th, the La Liga and Western B club facilities will be inspected, after which players will also be tested for viruses. If there are no accidents, the training of the clubs will start on May 18.

  As of 10 a.m. local time on April 30, Russia has cumulatively diagnosed more than 100,000 cases, reaching 106,498 cases, making it the eighth country in the world with more than 100,000 diagnoses. In the past 24 hours, 7099 new cases have been diagnosed in Russia, creating a new high in the number of new cases in a single day.

  At present, over 200,000 cases have been diagnosed in Italy, with a total of more than 27,000 deaths. On the evening of the 29th, the Italian cabinet held a meeting and passed a series of bills, including provisions on personal data protection during the tracking of new crown close contacts.

  In Germany, as of 30 days, a total of 159,119 cases have been diagnosed, with 6288 deaths. On the same day, the Minister of the Prime Minister ’s Office revealed that the social contact restriction order currently in effect until May 3, “will definitely be extended at least until May 10”.

  In addition, more European countries are moving towards "unblocking" and resuming economic and social activities. Prague Castle in the Czech Republic will reopen to the public on May 25; Polish shopping malls, hotels and libraries will resume operations on May 4; Cyprus will gradually lift restrictions on operations and open economic activities in two phases from May.

Data map: On April 29 local time, the waiting hall at Tokyo Haneda Airport in Japan was almost empty.

South Korea's first case of zero growth

Japan considers extending state of emergency

  Up to now, Japan's new crown has confirmed more than 14,000 cases and 442 deaths. On April 30, when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with the Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General, he conveyed the idea of ​​considering an extension of the emergency declaration that expires on May 6.

  South Korea reported on April 30 that there were 4 new imported cases, and there were no new local confirmed cases. It was the first zero increase in local Korean cases, with a total of 10765 cases diagnosed. From the 30th, South Korea has ushered in a small holiday for Buddha's birthday and Labor Day. Epidemic prevention officials remind people to abide by the epidemic prevention policy when traveling, and do not go to indoor places with dense crowds.

  Singapore's Ministry of Health announced on the 30th that there were 528 newly diagnosed cases, with a total of 16,169 cases. At present, the armed forces have sent about 2,000 personnel to support the fight against the epidemic, including regular soldiers, national service personnel and combat readiness soldiers.

  On that day, a total of 2954 cases were diagnosed in Thailand, with a total of 54 deaths. The Epidemic Prevention and Control Center announced that it will reopen some business and event venues from May 3.

  In the Philippines, a total of 8488 cases have been diagnosed. The number of employees diagnosed by the Philippine National Police rose to 96, of which 3 people died and 13 were cured.

Data map: The staff of the Turkish water delivery station.

Over 6,000 deaths in Iran

Turkey's epidemic has reached an inflection point

  According to the latest news from the Ministry of Health of Iran, there are 983 newly diagnosed new crown cases in Iran, with a total of 94,640 cases; 71 new death cases and a total of 6,028 deaths. As of April 30, the country has conducted a total of 463,295 tests.

  Recently, the epidemic situation in Turkey has stabilized. On the 29th, 117589 cases were diagnosed, and a total of 3081 deaths. The Minister of Health said that the new crown epidemic in the country has reached an inflection point. However, from May 1 to 3, Turkey will continue to implement the "Home Order".

  On April 30, the United Arab Emirates added 552 confirmed cases, and set a new high for the number of new cases in a single day. A total of 12,481 cases were diagnosed and 105 deaths were accumulated. The UAE has opened 14 new coronavirus mobile testing centers nationwide, as well as several health centers, all of which can carry out personal virus testing.

  In addition, according to the latest data from the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the cumulative diagnosis of over 36,000 cases in Africa and nearly 1,600 deaths. Judging from the number of confirmed cases, the countries with the worst outbreaks are Egypt, South Africa and Morocco. Among them, the cumulative confirmed cases in Egypt and South Africa exceeded 5,000, and Morocco exceeded 4,000. (Finish)