China Overseas Chinese Network, April 30, according to the "European Times" compilation report, recently, Italy's new coronary pneumonia epidemic is gradually being controlled, Italy China Town is gradually reopening, Tuscany recently authorized Prato area textile companies to partially resume Operational activities, although the actual production and sales are not yet available, but equipment maintenance and other preparations for production recovery can be carried out, which is also the foundation for enterprises to resume production in the "second stage" of the epidemic.

  The Executive Order signed by Enrico Rossi, Chairman of the Tuscany Region, initially involved companies that produce from “animal and plant materials” in order to prevent the deterioration of raw materials. Later, at the request of Prato Mayor Matteo Biffoni and related business people, the scope expanded to Prato's textile industry. The decision involved more than 2,000 companies, and related companies must comply with the measures stipulated by government laws and regulations. Rossi said, "The decision to allow companies to carry out maintenance work has two goals: to prevent the decay of animals and natural fabrics, and to prevent waste from polluting production sites."

  Ansha reported that people in the Prato health department said that the local Chinese and the competent authorities actively cooperated to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, which is why the infection rate in the Tuscany region is much lower than the Italian average.

  The European Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association headquartered in Prato applauded Enrico Rossi ’s decision. Association member Lorenzo Wang said, “By partially restoring operations, related companies can maintain textile materials and equipment to avoid suffering Greater losses. At the same time, with the cancellation of summer orders, autumn and winter orders may come one after another, which also puts forward higher requirements for enterprises to resume production. Because of the epidemic, local Chinese businessmen are facing a grim situation, but We still have to be optimistic. "

  In addition, Lorenzo Wang is cautious about resuming operations on May 4. "At present, the epidemic in Italy is still grim and the potential risks of resuming production and production are higher. Therefore, we recommend that the government should proceed more cautiously to resume production."

  It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic in Italy, in addition to stopping production and business activities, many local Chinese businessmen and Chinese are obliged to assist the government in epidemic prevention and control work, and at the same time establish relevant online chat groups to spread the necessary information for epidemic prevention and control.

  Matteo Biffoni said, "Many people wrote to me that they received masks from their Chinese neighbors as gifts." He said, "This move impressed local residents and contained The epidemic has made important contributions. "

  Foreign media also published an article saying: "Since the beginning of the outbreak, the Chinese community has played a model role and made positive contributions to combating the outbreak."